MARY: Prologue

Mary Adebayo was still on the floor of the sitting room when the paramedics and policemen arrived her apartment. She had obviously not moved from that position since she called the emergency unit about her husband’s heart attack. Yemi Adebayo, was in her arms; and they were both stark naked. She looked like she had seen a ghost as she didn’t even seem fazed that her voluptuous body was exposed to the eyes of the men who had entered their home. When the doctors tapped her to get up while they attended to her husband, their voices sounded so far away that she just kept looking at them blankly. Intermittent flashes of the cameras of the investigators didn’t seem to snap her out of state either. A female officer took the robe that she had on earlier (that she had dropped on the cushion) and covered her up. It wasn’t until then that she realized that she was naked. She hurriedly tied the rope around her and felt a sharp chill hit the very core of her being. The doctors had wrapped Yemi up in a blanket now and were placing his lifeless body on a stretcher. That was when it hit her. He is dead. Yemi is dead. She broke down in tears.284763-2143336pbyjoxqdtr

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  1. Nice, crisp set-up

    1. Thanks @aplusn. Watch this space for subsequent chapters.

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