In A Row

In A Row

two days in a row

she sits at the table

candle, glowing lazily,


fingers wrapped up in fancy

5 bloody cotton mittens,

placed on ice stiff laps.

the glass of hot milk

shamelessly turns cold on the table.

two days in a row

10 she let it get cold

with half a care.

she looks past the window

to the beyond.

two days in a row

15 she sees nothing at the horizon

through an iced heart,

glassy eyes

and the heavily stained window.

two days,

20 in a row,

she lines up

a few hundred

books she calls her own.

two days,

25 she’s in a row

with the obscure flashbacks

demanding innocence

and serene guilts.

two days in a row,

30  her left eye twitches

concurrently as

the tingle between her toes


two days in a row,

35 she spends,

not without thought

of her clueless existence.

One thought on “In A Row” by graceokogwu (@GraceOkogwu)

  1. ambiguity clouds my thoughts
    but excitement my heart bewails

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