If Only I Knew – 5

“Abigail?” Segun said. “Abigail what has got into you? Is it because of
money you’re doing all this? You’re….”

“Enough of all this nonsense.” I pounced on his words like a cat on a
mouse. “Do you think you can just come into my room and be throwing insult
on me?”

“If not because of money then what?” He said angrily. “Do you…”

“Stop it.” I yelled. “I can’t stand the heart of you insulting me this
early morning, and if you don’t mind could you please leave my room.”

Segun’s eyes went cold. “Abigail me?”

“Yes you. Please leave my room-now.”

Segun met his mother gaze. “Mama let’s go.”

The old woman pulled herself up gently from the chair. “We’re here to
settle matter not to….”

“Mama I say let’s go.” Segun snapped. “Forget about her.”

The woman stared at me silently for few seconds and followed her son out of
my room.

I sat down silently for a long moment, till the brightness of the morning
sun streamed through my opened window. The memories of the good times
between me and Segun flooded my mind. I leaned my head back against the
chair, with my eyes closed. Inside me, i know Segun is not going to come
back to me again.

I tried pushing the thought away, but the more I tried, the more it was
coming back to me. I managed to pull myself up and picked up my ringing
phone off my bed. “Hello.” It was john calling, asking me to come to his

The day was getting old when I got to John’s house. I got down from the
taxi and walked towards the gate of his house. I knocked and knocked, but
there was no response. I opened my handbag and brought out my phone,
calling John.

John didn’t pick the call. I tried two more times, there was no answer. I
pushed open the gate and walked into his compound. John’s car was parked in
the compound. I smiled happily. closing the gate gently and walked towards
the front door to John’s sitting room.

The front door was opened. “Honey?” I said as I stepped into his sitting
room, dropping my handbag on the chair. A sweet melody was coming out in a
low tone from the sound system. “John?” I walked through the stairs,
heading for his home office. The door to his office was opened. I smiled
sweetly, knowing he was at home.

My eyes widened in disbelief as I made it to the door. My mouth was wide
opened, couldn’t say a word. I felt a harsh cold all over me, shivering.
Slowly, I fell to my kneels. “No!!!!” I screamed. “No..no.” I struggled to
pull myself up. Fear gripped my heart.

“This can’t be true.” I took a step forward. Staring at John lifeless body
on the floor. “Jo..h..n.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. I moved a little
closer with tears running down my checks. I wanted to touch him, but I
couldn’t. I jerked my face towards the door as the sound of police siren
came to my ears.

“Oh my God.” I hurried out of his home office, through the stairs, I made
it to the sitting room and hurried out of the house. Quickly, I walked to
the gate, pulled it open and walked out of his compound.

“Don’t move.” Two police men jumped down from a police patrol pickup as it
came to a stop In front of John’s duplex. With their guns pointed at me.
“Down on your kneels. You’re under arrest.” One them said.

I went down to my kneels, shivering. “Please…I..”

“Keep your mouth shut.” They yelled at me. Four other officers came down
from the pickup, staring at me with cold eyes.

“Please I don’t know anything about…”

“Shut up.” The senior officer yelled at me and walked into John’s compound
with three of his men.

Few minutes later, they came out of the house. “Arrest her.” The inspector

“No please.” I struggled as one of the police men was trying to handcuff my
hands. “I don’t know anything about it.”

“Keep your mouth shut.” The office yelled at me. He handcuffed my hands and
pushed me forcefully into the patrol pickup.

When we arrived at the police station. I was told to write down my
statement, which I did. Few minutes later, I was taken to the DPO’s office.
“This is the lady we caught at the scene.” The inspector said, and walked
out of the DPO’s office.

The DPO stared at me with a frown. “You killed him. Don’t you.” The DPO

“No sir.” I said soberl. “I’m not the one who killed him. I went to see
him and i met him dead. I swear I don’t know anything about it.”

“Who are you to him?” He asked.

I drew in a deep breath and wiped the tears off my cheek with the back of
my hand.”I’m his girlfriend.”

The DPO stared at for few seconds and leaned forward. “I want you to tell
me the truth. I want to know the reason why you killed him.” He leaned
back in his chair. “Do you know whom you have just killed?”

“Believe me sir. I don’t know anything about his death.” I said, weeping.

“There is no need to deny it.” He said. “John called our station and told
us that he was shot by his girlfriend. He couldn’t give us the lady’s name before
he gave up the ghost.”

I couldn’t believe it my ears.

6 thoughts on “If Only I Knew – 5” by Harry Enomamien (@Silvadereal)

  1. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    suspense in the air……
    nice one

  2. Action film. it is a ghen! ghen! Next pls, I hate suspense.

  3. Interesting twist, didn’t see it coming.

    1. @silvadereal,I love it and the suspense is awesome!! However, I noticed some errors such as these
      “You killed him. Don’t you.”
      “No sir.” I said soberl”
      You can download a program called Ginger. It helps to check errors and mistakes.

      1. Yeah!

        U shud hv written d corrected form of those spotted errors for the writer to appreciate them better: U killed him, didn’t u?(corrected form)
        …….I said soberly (corrected form)

  4. John dead! Okay, I have to admit, I didn’t see that coming.

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