The Golden Calabash: The Calabash Is Gone

Omifunke stared at her feet as the high priestess chastised her, she dared not look her in the eye especially when she was angry.
“How many times have I told you not to leave the shrine without my leave or that of the other senior priestesses? You were not present at the morning ritual either. Why do you find it difficult to follow orders, are you the only apprentice here?” The high priestess’ voice was low and reproachful.
“I’m sorry Your Holiness, please forgive me.” Omifunke apologized without looking up. It was not that Omifunke intended to be disrespectful or stubborn. It was just that she felt out of place in the shrine and she longed for life outside the caves. Even though she was raised at the shrine and the high priestess had been like a mother to her, she knew she did not belong there.
“I don’t know other punishment to give you; you will still repeat the same thing, I am getting tired of your childish tricks. Get out of my sight and reflect on what you have done.” The high priestess said as she turned her back on Omifunke. Funke held back the tears that stung her eyes as she exited the room.
“Don’t you think you were too harsh on her? We both know she does not belong with us, she has a far greater destiny” Omitola had been so deep in her thoughts that she did not know that her second- in- command had entered her chambers.
“Your Holiness, did you hear me?” Omisola, the second-in-command asked. Omitola slowly turned her face her beta. “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you come in.” she apologized.
“What is wrong with you? You’ve been very moody lately. I know you are the high priestess and all that, but remember we entered this shrine as apprentices the same day and we have been friends since then. So, you know you can tell me anything.” Omisola said.
Omitola sighed and sat down on her bamboo bed “I’ve been having weird dreams lately,” she said. “Oluomi, our mistress has been visiting me with tears in her eyes. But, every time I ask what is wrong, she only shakes her head and disappears.”
“That is very bad; our mistress is a bringer of happiness, what could be wrong? I too have noticed the dark aura surrounding us lately.”
“I will have to pay a visit to the capital city, to make sure that the king and the Ifa priests are doing their duties. But, in the meantime make sure all the apprentices stay inside the cave until I say otherwise. Keep an eye on them, especially Omifunke. Although we may not know what her destiny is, we know it is very important.”
“Yes, your holiness.” Omisola was about to turn and leave the chambers when, an apprentice ran in panting.
“How dare you barge in here like that!” Omisola was infuriated “Don’t you know this is her Holiness’ chambers?” Omisola yelled at the apprentice who immediately fell to her knees. “Forgive me your Holiness I shall deal with her appropriately.”
“No it’s all right; she must have a reason for barging into my room like this. Speak child, what is the matter?”
“Forgive me your Holiness. But, the Golden Calabash is gone!”
“What do you mean by the Golden Calabash is gone, where did it go?” Omisola asked, not registering the effect of what the apprentice had just said.
“I’m on cleaning duty, so I went into the Calabash room to clean it, but when I got there, there was water on the floor and the calabash was missing from its stand.”
“WHAT?! Are you sure of what you are saying?” Both Omitola and Omisola said unanimously. Omitola got up from her bed “Lead the way; I’m going to check it out.” the high priestess ordered.
When they got to the cave room where the calabash used to be, lots of apprentices and senior priestesses including Omifunke were gathered in front of the room to see the calamity that had befallen them. They all fell silent and cleared the way as the high priestess and her second-in-command approached.
The high priestess entered the room and came back outside, her eyes filled with sorrow. Not only was the shrine in danger, the whole kingdom was in danger.
“There is no time to waste; I have to make a visit to the capital city immediately. Omifunke and Omitilewa, the apprentice who found out this calamity, shall accompany me to the capital city to see the king and the order of priests. Omisola the shrine is now in your hands protect it with your life. Ready the horses we leave immediately!”

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  1. This is a mouth watering epic of a story. Please keep it rolling. Well done!

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  3. No, it won’t end here. Thanks for reading @ojestar and @ chijy

  4. Nice one.

    Omitola and Omisola: similar, and a bit confusing.

  5. @namdi I’m sorry about that

  6. Good story but it ended too soon. More please!

  7. It was intriguing. You’re doing a fine job

  8. @maggiesmart @samuel17 thanks for reading, more coming soon

  9. Very nice, well done.

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