I don’t want to die

I don’t want to die

And I pray I pray and I prayed
Till my knees become bruised
And my voice become coarsed
With closed eyes I offer to heaven
My broken heart soaked in tears
I confessed of sins I am yet to commit
But nothing I did could stop death
From having his will
I ask mum, why did grand ma die?
Old people die, she said
We grow old and die

What about little Chisom I asked
He didn’t even live long to know life
God don’t want him to suffer
So HE took him
I don’t want to suffer mum
I don’t want to die either

What about Amu I wonder
He deserved to die I convince myself
He was a Mephistophelean
But then I thought of Matthew
He was too good a youth to die
Oh lord! I don’t want to die

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