Battle Of The Sexes: Episode 2

Her Voice in my ears made my body freeze, I couldn’t think of the first thing to do at that moment. Was it to say ‘hi’ or just wave hand, my mind was on a ride, and my heart was pounding hard, like a pounded yam being beaten by a mortar. The sight if her standing in front of me was a wonderful view that my eyes wouldn’t want to be interrupted from. She wore a long pink flowing gown, and had a black veil round her hair up to the shoulders. From her forehead you could see some straps of dark hair that was peeping to the outside world. That sight was as beautiful as you could imagine.

The second sentence she made was what brought me back from my imaginative world. I was so much lost that i completely forgot that she was standing right in front of me. “Yerseerah, is this you, you have really changed during this years, you now look more beautiful”, she blushed and replied “you don’t look bad either, you have grown so tall”.

She sat beside me as we both continued taking our meals, we found ourselves fantasizing and sharing moments from the past. It was like in the “Jumanji” movie, i felt the world has being rewinded back, but the only difference is that we are now older and i was not that so shy boy and she could help but tell me she was surprised I was no longer that shy boy she knew back then in secondary school. We talked for a little while as she told me she was studying Human Physiology and i told her that I was a Mass Communication student. But it then occurred to both of us we cant sit there all day. We exchanged numbers and bbm pins and we departed ways.

That evening, as soon as I reached my hostel room and jumped on my mattress. I made a grip onto my blackberry phone and found myself pinging at the crush of my life, the girl have always admired and the girl i was hoping to make the love of my life. She responded to every question and statement i send to her, and the pictures she uploaded as her display picture distracted me more and kept attracting me more to her. It was a feeling so affectionate i have not felt for any girl but her. It was a love one of a kind.

Within the 2weeks of examination that was remaining out of the days of the second semester, we became very very good friends and I couldn’t help but think everything was going well as i hope it to be. I couldn’t think this anymore when suddenly the unexpected happened……

6 thoughts on “Battle Of The Sexes: Episode 2” by Abdulbasit Abubakar (@abwordsmith)

  1. What’s the unexpected? Oh! I have to wait for next episode.

  2. Abrupt ending…not fair. Please edit more, there were some errors. Keep the next ones coming fast.

  3. this is why i dislike suspense… please?

  4. What’s “next please?” @chijy , even you. You want me coming with a mortar and a pestle for your head, eh?
    @abwordsmith , @maggiesmart was right…you didn’t seem to work on your readers’ complaints in the first episode, this isn’t much better. You should take time to edit. There were some expressions I wouldn’t encourage in subsequent episodes too.
    “I made a grip onto my blackberry phone and find myself pinging…” I MADE A GRIP ONTO MY BLACKBERRY underlined…that sounded too formal, and in contrast to the fluid style you earlier employed. You didn’t ‘capitalise’ your ‘i’s’ again regardless of a similar complaint in the previous episode. You should work more on tenses too. Also, stuffs like “2 weeks” should be written in words.
    Please do take real time to edit.
    I’m still following, Abs…I believe better episodes are coming.

    Thumbs up.

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