Arrogant Beauty

Researchers believe when a woman enters a room of men and knows one of the men, she would look beautiful to all the men in the room because a energy connection would happen between her and the man, thereby making her beauty radiate.

However, when Ajoke entered Gtbank at Awolowo bus stop, Ibadan she got the attention of all the men there: an obvious contradiction of the research. The eyes of these men made the meaning of her name come to reality. Her name Ajoke, a Yoruba name meaning ‘one we gather to pamper’.

She caught a bearded, huge, black man trying to hide his smile beneath his beard as she walked past him, and this made her lift the upper part of her face. Thus, her heart became warm.

Another guy was trying to catch her attention, and she could not help smiling when she saw that the design ‘Tommy’ on his shirt was now ‘TO.. Y’.

Ajoke knew she was beautiful- fair, 5.4 feet tall, and slim (with the perfect body of a model) and was ready to flaunt. The only thing she hated about herself, and now loved, is her high-pitch voice.
‘Excuse me’, a guy from behind called. She turned and bit her lower lip when she saw the guy: It was the guy with the ‘To…Y’ shirt.
‘Pass…. Now’, she said angrily as she turned to him, seeing he did not move an inch.
‘I’m not passing… I just want to tell you something’, he said, his eyes dashing to the different parts of the room.

From the way he way he acting, she guessed what he wanted to say. She hissed, looked at him scornfully, eyed him, and turned. The guy’s behaviour disgusted her and that propelled her to bring out her Z10 blackberry. She logged in to Facebook, moved to ‘what’s on your mind’ and typed

‘Men…. Must you always woo every beautiful lady mtchew’.

The guy came near her again.’ Sister’, he said again, whispering.

Ajoke felt like leaving her whole body, slapping him, stuffing his ugly face with her fist. She felt like scratching his mouth off his head, like beating him to a pulp. What gave him the gut to think he can have access to touch her body- the body of a goddess?

She wanted to tell him to leave but she decided to snub him, and let him keep fantasizing about her.

The queue moved forward again, and the guy came forward for the umpteenth time.
‘Excuse me sister’, he said as if he was been controlled by a spirit.
She refused to turn. Comments flowed into her post. Guys were against the topic; ladies were supporting her view.

‘Wetin dey do you sef? You think sey I want toast you?’ The guy said angrily. Making her turn abruptly.
She felt every eyes turn towards her. There, she wished those eyes belonged to her because she loved to watch scenes like this; scenes of ladies, especially beautiful ones, disgracing men- Oh! She loved it. And, today, she would be the hero, preferably, the heroine while the guy would be the villain.
‘No be your zip I dey call you for?’
Ajoke stiffened, and slowly moved her heads towards her trousers, and felt people’s eyes doing the same- their eyes relocated from her face to the zip of her trousers- it was opened, revealing her underwear.
‘How…When…Where…?’ She mouthed as her left hand flew to it. Her heartbeat increased sporadically.
If eyes were gun, the eyes of the people in the banking hall would have killed her.
However, peoples’ attentions were drawn from her, when
‘You can’t tell me, I’m not the one in that pix?’ An overweight woman in front of Ajoke lamented.
The cashier had accused the woman of impersonating someone else.
‘It’s not you…. If you did not leave now, I will call on the guard. It’s not you’.
‘I need this money… Are you blind?’ The woman screamed.’ Can’t you see the pix?’
Another cashier tried to settle the issue, so he angrily turned the PC to the woman, and this made people stretch to see the pix, Ajoke not exempted.
The picture was actually different. The woman in the picture was slimmer and one could get two of her from this present woman- the fighter.
‘Are you blind? Don’t you see that was when I was thin? I registered last two years.’
A big hush fell on the people in the hall. Some people sniggered, and muffled their laughter.
The cashiers, after looking at the picture carefully, decided she was the one.
Ajoke smiled at her phone and typed
‘Women, never ever snub a guy, and erm…. Try not to grow fat’.
*The End*

5 thoughts on “Arrogant Beauty” by Akintayo Akinjide (@Divepen)

  1. Good plot…nice story. A few ‘jumbled’ tenses though, and the story didn’t sound real enough. I did get the concept all the same, I would have loved it if Ajoke had been more disgraced…the crowd was too merciful…nah, twas you. You did well.

    Good job.

  2. Not that bad tho but the end was not it at all. keep writing anyways

  3. It’s a good piece

  4. they said it all. Just work on the errors and get better. I enjoyed it. Keep writing.

  5. Editing would pay off. I dunno if people actually say ‘pix’ in real life?
    An interesting view. Cheers

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