Abducted #8

Abducted #8

“Alvin could you please take April to her room?” Tiffany said sitting slowly.

“Zoe’s daughter?” Tiffany said slightly above a whisper.

“Where’s your mother Annie?”

“Ethan’s” Annie replied looking at Ryan then at Paige. Desireé had a huge grin splitting her face in half, she wasn’t smiling for anyone in particular but still she couldn’t stop.

“Dad, you had a mistress and a daughter? Is that why you divorced mom?” Tiffany asked in a shaky voice.

“Tiffany, let it go. You don’t need stress or shock especially now, don’t forget your unborn child” Paige said looking at Desireé, who nodded before speaking.

“She’s right Tiffany”

“How are we related again?” Tiffany asked looking her right in the face.

“She’s nobody pumpkin, you’re not related” Ryan spoke for the time. Desireé gasped mockingly.

“Let’s leave already” Annie said pulling her, but she wouldn’t bulge. She walked towards Ryan holding his gaze.

“She doesn’t know” She mouthed. “Paige could you join me to serve desert” She said walking pass him. Paige accompanied her to the kitchen.

“I still can’t believe Serena is alive..standing right in front of me”

“Serena is dead, her spirit lives in Desireé’s body”

“I’m so sorry about your mother” Paige said trying to console her

“She had a baby before she died, Miles, he somehow managed to survive. You can say he’s a fighter”

“Ethan must have gone through a lot”

“I want you to help me put Ryan in jail” Paige laughed.

“That did cross my mind after Ryan told me who you were. You don’t need my help except you want to put me in jail also or make me and my daughter’s family suffer for his evil deeds”

“I thought about it severally after i found out you were alive and had a daughter whose married with a kid.”

“Found out i was alive? You had my daughter traced? She has nothing to do with her father’s deed, she doesn’t know”

“I know she’s in the dark, she’s ignorant but you aren’t. I prayed you’d survive and you did” Desireé said sitting on a stool. Paige shot a confused look at her. She continued to clear up the air.

“You found yourself in a cottage with a warehouse behind it, Ryan shot you. He told Steve and Greg….hope his soul isn’t at peace, to dump your body anywhere. You were dumped in a trash, someone save you. She took you to the hospital, she was diagnosis with amnesia when she couldn’t recall anything because she was traumatized She chose….”

“Holly as her name” Paige chipped in. She now recall where she had seen her, she was the young girl that took her to the hospital with a lady. She didn’t see the lady’s face nor knew her name.

“Greg is dead?”

“I killed him….i’m glad you survived. I need you to-”

“I don’t owe you anything Serena” Paige interrupted her. Desireé was instantly filled with rage.

“I don’t owe-” She cut her off

“Paige, i know it was tragic but Serena is dead. Your ex-husband along side his accomplices killed her.” Desireé said clenching her teeth in anger. Paige was startled, the rage in her are visible. She might have just triggered her rage.

“I rescued you after Ryan left you half dead” she said grinning. Paige grimaced, she was filled with rage a minute ago and now she’s smiling…

“I told you to hang on, to wait that you’d be rescued”

“But i wasn’t rescued. Probably because Ryan shot you and you’re no good to him now. He will probably think we’re a team and out to get him, am sure he has threatened to kill you. To him you’re a liability, a loose end”

“We’re not a team and he won’t kill me either”

“I spent years with him, twelve years. I know him he will tighten his loose end and won’t feel remorse”

“Don’t get Tiffany or her family involved please” Paige pleaded. Desireé nodded.

“I won’t, however you can’t be too sure they won’t get involved with me. It’s takes one glance for anyone to desire me, if they get involved that’s your problem not mine”

“What did they do to you?”

“They made me indestructive…their worst nightmare” Desireé said standing up. “A lunatic is recruiting his loyal members to help him get out of a court case, Ryan owes him and i know he will use him to get to me. I don’t want you involved, I’ll relocate you to somewhere safe. You’re not safe here”


“To be sure we’re on the same page…it’s Desireé” she added, opening the door only to find Ryan standing in front of her.

“If you ever hurt my daughter…” He said baring his teeth.

“I was someone’s daughter also”

“Was, meaning past. You aren’t anymore”

“How do you put up with this lunatic… Paige” Desireé asked looking at her, she turned just in time to catch Ryan’s hand in mid-air in an attempt to slap her.

“Never again will you hurt me” Desireé said foaming with anger. “If you take Joe’s side, i can’t guarantee your daughter’s safety. He doesn’t forgive traitors neither do i, we do have our score to settle don’t make it double” she held his gaze briefly before leaving

“You can’t trust her” Ryan said after she left.

“I’ve to trust in someone, trusting her means i get to live. It’s you i can never trust, you tried to kill me once before what stops you from killing me now? Don’t ask me to trust you because your worst nightmare took a charming disguise as Desireé, she’s still your worst nightmare and your downfall. It happened before shame on you, i didn’t know any better. Happen again, shame on me i didn’t learn.”

“She’s filling your head with crap”

“Her crap is merciful, yours is death” Paige retorted. Ryan shook his head and went into the dinning room. Paige let her tears flows after he disappear out of sight, she didn’t bother to wipe the water torrent. She kept it in for years, she bottled everything but now she couldn’t anymore. She was tired of getting caught up in Ryan’s mess, it almost took her life in the past and now she’s afraid her daughter is the one now caught in the middle.

She had filed for divorce not just because he cheated on her, but because she had thought she married a sane and loving man. He was nothing near being sane or loving, he never loved her. The only woman he loved after the first crush was Zoe, he used her to forget the love of his life. He worked with drug lords, sex slaver, illegal arms and the worse which broke her….he abducted his niece for money and took away her innocent. He ripped her life off her little fragile body.

She confronted him threatening to send him to jail when Holly had told her everything but she had to chose between her life and Serena’s…she chose Serena’s and was shot.

Beyond the pain she bore for years, was getting back at his accomplice and mistress Zoe. She acted like a saint but she was worst than Ryan, she betrayed Holly and herself. It wouldn’t have resulted to the death of Holly or her near death experience if Zoe hadn’t set them up. She yearned for the day she’d see Zoe again.

She quickly wiped her tears as the door knob turned, Tiffany opened the door. “Mom?”

“In here Honie” she replied forcing a smile approaching her.

“Are you ok?”

“Of course, you shouldn’t move around too much.” She answered leading her back to the dinning room.

Annie groaned, adjusting uneasily in her seat. Desireé watched on enjoying her discomfort, she didn’t except dinner in the home of her father’s ex-wife. She wanted to be anywhere but here.

“You’re enjoying it aren’t you?” Annie asked angrily. Desireé tried suppressing her laughter but couldn’t.

“Why did you bring me here? Why do you want me to break up a lovely home?” She gaped…Annie continued ranting. “Was there no other bait in your ante? Why make me the target? What do you stand to gain in all these? Whose side are you-”

“Stop being a whimp, you’re making my ears ache”

“Let’s leave already”

“Alright barbie” Annie stood up immediately. They said their goodbyes and left.

“I thought we were going to have dinner at your house!” Annie said on their drive home.

“Your father’s ex-wife dinner was sumptuous, I’ll definitely go back for her recipe” Annie growled and was silence.

She knew Desireé was up to something and somehow it revolved around her. She didn’t know for sure but she had a gut feeling.


Desireé sat on her bed staring at Serena who was sitting in a dark corner. She woke up breathing heavily, she reached for her drawer besides the bed for her pills but there none. She started shivering and having a fit because of her withdraw. She was a drug addict.

The shivering became constant, her body became itching. She growled in frustration itching, she shook her head vigorously. She turned endless on the bed.

“Nobody can blame you now Desireé, you’ve come this far”

“No Serena….can’t you see I’m a mess”

“You’re stronger than you think”

“I’m not living, am existing. This empty house speaks volume of my life exactly as it is” Desireé said baring her teeth, itching her neck.

“They broke you but you’re not broken, let them feel your wrath or forgive them….”

“I’ll never forgive them, they took away my life……” Desireé wriggled uneasily.

“They took away your life and you took mine, you’re a lunatic…” Serena said sobbing.

“No…..no, am not.” Desireé said standing up from the bed. She sat besides Serena on the floor.

“You don’t need me anymore, you’ve a family now….let me go” Desireé looked away

“You’ve to let me go, you don’t need me anymore. You’re doing exactly what they did to you”

“You’re not leaving Serena McCarthy!” Desireé barked standing up

“You’re insane…no one can see or talk to me except you. You’ve completely lost-” Serena said sniffing but she cut her off…

“I’ll make them pay for everything they did to you”

“You’re Serena McCarthy!” Her words echoed in the empty house, Desireé threw the lamp stand at her. She squirmed clasping her ears, then paced. Her nightmares came flooding back, the moment Greg took her innocence, the gruesome threesome, her days as sex slave, the tortures, drug injection, Ryan’s endless attempts on her life, sleepless nights, her starvation, her pregnancies….

“You’re Serena McCarthy” she repeated “and always be” she added as she approached the door. Desireé threw her make up kit on the floor, banged her mirror endlessly till it broke and her blood spilled…


Amy staring at the door leading to her office then at the adjoining door leading to Desireé’s office. She couldn’t believe Desireé wasn’t in the office. She’s never absent or late to work, she never thought she’d see this day. It’s so unlike her, her work is her number priority and passion. Yet for one whole week she hadn’t seen her boss, she was getting worried.

Could Joe have made good on his threats? Could he have abducted Desireé? Is she still alive? If he abducted her then am next….probably she’s now a se-

“No….you’re not going down that lane again Amy. You survived others didn’t.” She said aloud. “Where are you Desireé?”


Luke was joined by Annie in the cafeteria as he ate his lunch. He hadn’t seen her of late, he had been avoiding her. He ate quietly not bothered she sat opposite him.

“Am not invisible”

“You asked for space, i gave you why complain?

“I needed time to adjusted” She retorted.

“And i didn’t?” He asked irked

“Desireé showed me where her children are laid, dead and buried. That’s not all, she turned me down”

“Yap, that’s Desireé”

“I don’t get it Annie, we talked. She opened up about her abduction, her struggles while in abduction and afterwards. She talked about it, everything that’s consuming her. why would she reject me?”

“If you’d ask me, she’s crazy…insane. She invited me to dinner in Paige’s home” Annie said sipping her glass of water

“Paige? That names sounds familiar but can’t place it”

“Paige, Ryan’s ex-wife. She also have a daughter whose married with a kid and expecting another, his daughter doesn’t know Zoe was his mistress and had a daughter.”

“Zoe? Really! Are you now on formal basics?” Luke asked.

“I talked to my parents and they confirmed it, Zoe is my mother. Am not use to her being my-.”

“I can’t quite place it… i heard that name years ago from my mom that a certain Paige died because she took on battles she could never win”

“Are we talking about the same person?” Annie asked. Before Luke could say anything, Amy who just walked in spoke.

“Barbie” Amy called. Annie turned instantly, stunned to see her. The last time she saw her was when Desireé brought in the man she shot. What’s she doing here? She’s looking better, no tears, shivering or fidgets.

“It’s Annie, Dr Annie” she said standing up, she turned to face her and shook her.

“Sorry about that….Annie, i can call you that right?” Annie nodded with a smile, Luke stared at Amy. Watching the drama unfold. she continued “you’re the only person I’ve have her talked to which isn’t about work. It’s a long shot but i have to give it a try” She inhaled and blurted out “Desireé is MIA” Annie and Luke shared a look.

“She’s missing?!” They asked in unison.

“I don’t have her cell number or her address. She haven’t being to work for a week and counting”

“She’s probably sick or something”

“I don’t know think she’s missing, she probably down with a cold or on a vocation and doesn’t want to be disturbed” Luke said.

“She disappeared precisely a week and four days ago”

“We went to dinner together on that day but haven’t heard from her”

“I haven’t being in contact with her either. She usually shows up at the house or here at the hospital”

“Desireé is missing” Amy said in a tiny voice.

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