You Have To Cry For Me

During the mass burial
Of our resilient soldiers
Who saved the world by
Jumping into the hot golden river,
We gather with different spoons
To celebrate their valorousity.
As we proceed in prayers
For their gracious ascension.
We cried and bid farewell,
Placing them into the horrible pit
That never get filled.

These ones have proven their patriotism,
Also teamwork and good mannerism.
I’ve not tasted death
But I can tell it’s sweet.
Yielding ones life
So othes  could live
Suffocating that they could breathe.

A General’s words on the battle field
Soften the hard side if my heart,
He said,
“If you must kill me
You have to cry for me”

2 thoughts on “You Have To Cry For Me” by Gideon Oyediji (@gswagz)

  1. Crisp.
    “Soften the hard side If my heart..”
    It was hardly noticeable though. Well done

  2. ”I’ve not tasted death
    But I can tell it’s sweet.” i love this lines..
    “So othes could live”…. i believe you meant so others could live…
    lovely poem

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