Unknown Shadows- Chapter 14

Chapter 14

God or Brain Touch?

Jerry could not fathom why Pastor Matthew had initially kept this place but it was useful at that time. Just two months ago, he had saved the Pastor from being sent to an asylum and today Pastor Matthew is the one saving him. Pastor Matthew is a 5.3 feet tall man, who also has a very big bald that made the little hair on his head look like an island. People had advised him to let the hair go, but he refused and was adamant. He told people he was a Nazarene and the hair of a Nazarene must not be touched with a blade.
Of recent, four weeks ago, about the same time Jerry began to have problem from left and right, Pastor Matthew was almost sent to an asylum. All preparation had been made, but Jerry saved him by helping him escape the church members that tied him down after Pastor Matthew gave him a bit of assurance that he was feeling fine.
The church, at that time, after many deliverance sections, had agreed that the best option was to take the pastor to an asylum, where he would have little or no contact with anybody, whosoever. How would God tell a Pastor to go and start gathering animals, wild animals, for a coming doom? Either the Pastor is not hearing well from God or the Pastor is misinterpreting God.
Cool music filtered from the radio in the room to Jerry’s ear and his heart as he kept on pushing thoughts of the day out of his mind. The more he fought the urge to think about it, the more the events came to him vividly. He smirked, and gently hit his head on the wall repeatedly. He should not have allowed his emotion to overrule his logic. If he had followed one of the women, at least he would have a bit of information about himself now. He hissed and turned to face the pastor who was busy drawing something.
Pastor Matthew was in front of a small light brown table, which he was using to construct something and of which he was using to draw something in a big drawing book. He was using a Lontor white lamp to work since there no form of electricity in the house; also, on the table were maths set, gum, compass, protractor etc.
Pastor Matthew heard him hiss and turned back to face Jerry.
‘Bro. Jeremiah, you do not understand what you have just done by coming here? How the lord plans to use you to wrought great wonders and great preparation’.
Jerry nodded. He did not understand what Pastor Matthew was talking about but he had to respect him, no matter what others might think of him.
‘I have plotted the ship. According to what the lord is telling me, it would be bigger than Noah’s ark. All I need now is just to start work on it’, Pastor Matthew said, rubbing his hands happily.
Pastor Matthew stood up hurriedly and opened his bible. He bent over it, drew the orange lamp that was in front of him, towards himself, and began to write out figures rapidly. This behaviour was disturbing to jerry.
The house was cosy. It was plastered inside out, there were two arms chair in the mini sitting room. In addition, there were two other bedrooms. When Jerry entered one of the rooms to drop his bag, he saw that the beds were already there for him to sleep, as if the Pastor had been expecting him.
Jerry sat there like one of those University students who were bent on getting out of the university, but have no real plan for their life. Who, all their life, are fan of anything goes. Right now, Jerry believes, anything goes.
‘Bro. Jerry…’ Pastor Matthew said, and sat down on the chair that was facing Jerry.
‘Why are you worried as if there is no solution? God is always around to solve whatever problem you might have. More so, all things work together for the good of those that love God and you love God. Don’t you believe in God again?’
Jerry could not utter a word. If Pastor Matthew was a child, he would have slapped him for telling him to trust in God at that time. So, he nodded.
‘So, what’s your plan?’
‘Plans? Pastor Matt, I have no plan whatsoever. All I wish was for the cold hand of death to grab my hardened souls and return it to God’.
‘ Well, you are still here’.
‘ I know… I know and that’s disturbing. I want to die…’
‘Hmm… Bro. Jerry. Have you forgotten that lines are falling for us in pleasant places? The lines we are talking about here are sometimes problem. What did the lord say about the lady of the night?’
‘ I did not hear anything from God as regarding her, maybe because I was so much engrossed in appreciating her beauty and personality that I was so deaf to God concerning her’.
‘Hmmm… Would God have wanted you to follow her’?
Jerry waited and stared at Pastor Matthew for sometimes.
‘No…’ He said affirmatively, and yimu
‘What of that woman that called herself your wife?’
‘Nah… God wouldn’t have wanted me to follow her, she is too possesive’.
‘Do you have anything in mind that you wish to do?’ Pastor Matthew asked as he shifted forward as if he expected something and had been praying Jerry would say what he wanted.
Jerry’s eyes flew to the time on the wall that kept on ticking and seems to be striking chords in Jerry’s brain. The time was a fifteen minutes after midnight.
‘I’ll like to leave this state to another state’.
Pastor Matt flew up and screamed,’ Yes’. He jabbed into the air happily, as he began to pace the room, his hand behind his back like someone who had gotten an idea but still fears the outcome of doing such.
‘I think the lord had impressed it on my heart to leave Lagos for my house in….’
The door burst open and five men rushed into the room. They ran to Pastor Matt, held him tight, and began to tie him with a very long rope.
‘What’s this? ‘Jerry shouted, standing up and trying to pull the men off Pastor Matthew, ‘Bro. Seye, what is the meaning of this’.
‘Bro. Jerry. We must carry Pastor to Yaba. He needs it. Don’t you know how many people died from the animals he brought home the other time? And now, he is hiding here. We don’t know what he would be doing next. Moreover, whatever he might be planning, God knows, would be detrimental to human’s health. See, Police had been looking all over the place for him’.
Bro. Seye was a fat man, his belly was showing under t-shirt he was putting on, and he was panting heavily.
‘Honour me… I’m your pastor. Carry me well’ Pastor Matthew shouted as he wriggled in the hand of the men who tied him, ‘No…I’m alright. I’m not mad. I’m perfectly alright’.
Jerry ran from one man to the other and tried to pull their grip off the pastor but the men were adamant and kept on carrying Pastor Matthew away as if he was a robot that needed repair.
The men kept on carrying him away, not minding his noise, not minding the way Jerry was pulling their hands off him. They carried him on, out of the garden, through the bush, and were heading straight for a car that was waiting for them.
‘Good’, a rickety but bass voice called from afar, ‘I knew we would find you’.
Jerry stopped trying to save Pastor Matthew, and stopped as he saw the owner of the voice coming out of the darkness into the light emanating from the headlight of the police van . The owner of the voice was a plump man, whose belly did not allow him to close the button of his shirt well.
‘Do you think you can keep on hiding from us’?
‘I was not hiding’, Pastor Matthew cried in pain, ‘it was an instruction from the lord.
At that time, Jerry felt like slapping the pastor, to tell him to shut up. He felt like crushing these church members, who thought they were helping the pastor, for ruining his plan. He had hoped that he would enjoy his stay with the pastor but these loyalists have disrupted every plan he had.
‘The lord told us too to carry you.Take him into the van’, the police officer shouted. Some of the policemen ran to carry Pastor Matthew, loosen him and used the rope to tie Pastor Matthew’s hand.
‘Wetin we go do with the other people’, one of the police asked, his voice raising higher than that of an oncoming car.
‘Leave them, we have gotten the person we need’.
Jerry shifted back in frustration. He decided to keep on staying in Pastor’s hut, and turned towards it when a shot rang from afar. Jerry turned hurriedly to see where the gunshot was from. Suddenly the shots became more than one. The sounds of the guns were different- some sounded like dane guns, some other, pistol and sophisticated guns and another set sounded like old type of modern guns.
Jerry crouched as stray bullets hit one of the policemen and one of Pastor Matthew’s church members. Noises arose from everyone as they tried to escape, to hide their heads. Even light from lamps suddenly went off in some houses.
The siren of a police car was blaring and was disturbing the choky night.
‘Ole…Thief’ Noises from different people as a car zoomed past Jerry and others in the night. The police officer that was supposed to catch Pastor Matthew joined in the shooting. His gun hit the tyre of the car, and the car swerved, and later stopped. The policemen ran towards the car, his plump body giving little chance to run with high speed.
Jerry, seeing this opportunity, not knowing the reason he was doing that, ran to the Pastor and opened the door. Luckily, for him, the rope used to tie the pastor was not tied well. So, he untied it, and dragged Pastor Matthew out of the car, who himself seems prepared for that. They ran back towards the hut, Jerry at the front, not minding if Pastor was running fast or not. All he wanted was to get out of danger zone and to help Pastor Matthew escape these people.
‘Come here’ Pastor Matthew shouted after Jerry when Jerry was going to enter the house.
Jerry stopped and followed him. Pastor Matthew had better have a good plan or else he would tie him down himself.
‘Where are we going?’ Jerry asked amidst his pant and desire to escape.
Pastor Matthew did not reply; instead, he ran to the back of the house, screeching to a halt in front of a big blue plastic drum, which was locked, and stood there.
‘What now?’ Jerry asked as he stopped behind the pastor.
‘Pastor’ someone was calling from a far distant.
‘We have to leave here fast before they catch you’, Jerry said. He did not know what he should believe. Should he agree with the pastor that a doom of water was coming fast and that they needed to prepare like the days of Noah? On the other hand, should he agree with the members of pastor’s church whose belief is that Pastor is mad, and needed immediate remanding, so that he would not let loose another beast on the world?
Jerry had saved the pastor some weeks ago. When four set of people were looking for him- the government and police were looking for him as they believed he was trying to build an illegal mini zoo for wild animal, all in the name of protection for them, against the impending doom; the family members of the people that died from the animals, Pastor Matthew was keeping, were also looking for him because the animals escaped and began to kill people showing they were really wild animals. The third set was his family members and church members who had agreed that he needed to be taken to the Psychiatric home. The fourth set were unknown men.
Pastor Matthew pushed the drum. Bidemi smirked and nodded his head in agreement of what everyone believed, that the Pastor was mad, and that he needed to tie him, but there was no time to tie Pastor down. He had to bring Pastor’s back to the situation at hand.
‘Pastor Matthew… What are you doing?’ He shouted, as the voice calling Pastor Matthew was getting nearer.
‘Come; help me remove this drum of sand’.
Jerry joined him in pushing the drum away. The drum rolled away in the dark, clanging on the floor as it kept on running into stones, but the drum did not stop until it got to a fence.
Pastor Matthew bent down and opened a trapdoor.
‘Follow me’.
Pastor Matthew jumped into the hole; Jerry hesitated as he scanned the hole and then decided to enter the hole.
Pastor Matthew locked the trapdoor from within. The whole place was so dark to the chagrin of Jerry, who held his breathe and refused to talk as Pastor Mathew held his hand firmly. He nodded affirmation even though Pastor Matthew would not see him. The men looking for Pastor Matthew were already outside the hole and were calling his name.
‘You have to hold my cloth. We will be walking through this place in the dark till I am sure we can put on the light’.
Jerry knew he was done for.

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