Unknown Shadows- Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Opening New Jams

Jerry looked from one women to the other, heaving heavily as he swallowed hard, not knowing what he should do at this point. He was angry with this woman that called herself his wife, for showing up at this time to declare that she was his wife, she should have come a long time before he fell in love with the beautiful night thief, she should have come before the beautiful night thief gave him the enticing choice of following her for information about himself. Also, he was angry with the beautiful night thief for playing with his emotion, memory, and intelligence.
Jerry looked around angrily, roughly picked his bag, phones, and his diaries, dropped the diaries, and hissed. The others were watching him attentively, waiting for what he would do, none of them talked, plunging the room in total silence as he continued picking one thing or the other. He picked his wallet and checked to see that it contained his ATM card. He removed the I.D in it and flung it around the room, which hit his dead assailant. He picked a piece of paper, wrote Ms. Jacobs number on it, and slipped the paper into his wallet, the edge of the paper showing from the wallet. And then, he removed his Sim cards from his phones, made sure the others can see what he was about to do, and broke the Sim cards, making the others frown, and with that he moved towards the door. The bag, on his back, he went out of the room, leaving them behind.
‘Jerry…. Where are you going?’
‘Nobody should follow me or find… I don’t know you… Any of you’, he said gingerly, still clutching the bag.
‘Bidemi…. Come back’, Grace shouted as she rushed to him, and held his cloth. This action infuriated Jerry; he roughly removed her hands off his cloth, and pushed her away, not minding if she fell.
‘Nobody… Nobody should follow me’, he shouted, to the extent that he himself felt pain as his veins expanded, ‘leave me alone…Let me be’.
‘Bidemi Adeoti… Come back, we need to talk about all these murders. I need someone to explain all these to me’, Yemi, the police officer shouted, making Jerry pause and turn.
‘Go and investigate by yourself… I must never ever see any of you in my life, till I die. Any of you’, Jerry warned as he turned back.
‘You cannot go anywhere… Not until you tell me ….’ Yemi began to say but stopped midway as the beautiful night thief pointed her gun at him.
‘He said nobody… Nobody… and that includes you’, she growled, ‘now back off’.
The beautiful night thief moved back to a point where her gun can reach both Officer Yemi and Grace.
‘Now, the two of you…Move back. Do you know how it feels to ones lose memory’, she barked at them, and watched their expression, ‘no… you don’t… I know how it feels and that’s why you must leave him alone’, she shouted, tears flowing from her eyes.
‘But he would…. I need him to survive’, Grace cried, moving an inch.
‘If you move again, I will turn you to watermelon’, the beautiful night thief said, eyeing Grace’s feet.
‘You sound like someone I know…’
‘Ehy… Don’t try to enter into my head, you want to play me’, the beautiful night thief growled, and later scoffed,’ you can’t do anything to me’.
The beautiful night thief’s hand faltered, the gun in her hand began to move down, and she quickly steadied her hands, holding the gun pistol.
‘How did you know my name?’
‘Racheal?’ Grace mouthed and moved forward, not minding if the gun was pointed to her chest, ‘I knew it from the moment I heard that voice’.
Grace ran to the beautiful night thief- Racheal- and hugged her, crying profusingly.
‘Oh! Racheal’, she cried, her cry piercing the peace of the night, ‘oh! Racheal’.
Racheal, who was still confused withdrew herself from Grace’s grasp, and looked at her intently.
‘Who are you?’ she said, as her expression lightened up with joy and hope that she had just gotten a missing link she was looking for
‘I should be the one not knowing you’, Grace said, ‘you have suddenly become fair’.
‘Yes, you were dark… It’s me Grace now…’
Racheal, swallowed hard and looked at Grace intently, hoping within herself that the message she is passing would have meaning.
‘I found out that I was injected when I was small, maybe around 15 or so, and I can’t remember anything that had happen to me when I was small’, Racheal,’ so, I might not know you’.
‘We will talk later… I can know you anywhere with your watermelon’, Grace said hurriedly, ‘the guy that just left was the one I said I had a crush on when we were in school… That Bidemi…. He is my husband’.
‘I truly can’t remember these times…’ Racheal said.
‘Well, he is my husband now… You have to help me find him. I thought he was dead but that’s him’.
‘No…’ Racheal said as she shook her head in disagreement, and raised her gun to the chest level of Grace,’ you can’t, let him be. He is safe if nobody knows where he is. The bad people that want to kill him would not get the chance to do so’.
‘Please, I can tell you everything you were before you were kidnapped, I’m sure that would help you remember the things happened to you when you were small’, Grace said like someone who has a very hot potato in the mouth,’ I will tell you everything, ranging from Mama Agba, to how Ngozi… The girl that treated you inhumanly and anyhow, and how ….’
Flood of images flowed into her head; Racheal saw images from her nightmares coming back into her head at that moment and it was horrible and tormenting.
‘Argghhhh…’ she yelled as she raised her hand to her head, and held it firmly, bending her head a little.
‘Stop…stop’, she shouted and held the gun firmly. Stabilizing her hand and the look.
‘Please… How are you sure he would be safe?’ Grace pleaded.
‘He would be…’ Racheal started to say, and stopped midway as she realised Grace was right. What if he falls into the hand of Chief himself?

‘Alright, let’s go….’
They all ran out into the street.
‘I will use my car to pass here’, Racheal said after they had searched the street fruitlessly and they got to a-two-way junction.
‘And if I see him’, she continued hurriedly, ‘ I’ll persuade him to follow me, or make sure he gets to a safe place’.
‘Ah-ahn’, Grace said, and stopped talking when Racheal raised her left hand, her gun still in her right hand
‘ if you find him’, Racheal continued,’ please, take care of him. Try to persuade him to follow you’.
‘And what about the dead man’, Yemi said moving towards her.
‘Guy…Wetin. Abeg. Go and do your investigation. The guy is a crook ooo. Now, be gone before I change my mind about letting you also live’.
‘What about your memory… Your past?’ Grace asked agitatedly, moving towards Racheal,’ what about our friendship?’
‘Ers… Forget me, and search for Leech…Or Bidemi whatsoever you call him’.
‘Can’t you bring him back when…?’
‘No bargain. Be fast and be gone’.
‘In case you did not see him… What will you do?’
‘I’m leaving the city of course’.
Grace ran to her, hugged, and pecked her on the cheek, dazzling Racheal who smirked when Racheal withdrew. Grace sniffled.
‘Take care Racheal’.
‘Hun’, Racheal murmured.
Racheal ran to her car before the policeman decided to follow her, seeing that he was adamant and wants to know more about Once, who was laying in Leech’s room. And so, she drove off.
She searched the whole area as she went on, with fear that Chief and his men would be awake by now, and that means she would soon start having police problem.
She did not see Leech on the way, and she had to double back to pass another area, with hope radiating in her heart that she would see him, but she found no one that looks like him.
Racheal looked at the time, and decided it was time to leave.
‘He’ll be fine’, she whispered to herself in the car that she has wind up. She felt tears flowing on her cheek and she allowed herself to wail as she drove on.
Jerry was sure none of them saw him, when he doubled back to go the carnal area of Agric.
He entered deep, into the bush, trying as much as possible not to make any sound as he entered. When he found where he was going, he parted the bush, and saw a large expanse of land that had been cleared and in the middle of it, stood a wooden house from which slow music was flowing into the atmosphere, making it fit to rest, think, and imagine.
He trudged forward and knocked, heaving with relief that he would be safe from everybody now. He withdrew his hand to knock again,
‘Come in, Mr. Jerry. I’ve been expecting you’.
Jerry opened the door, and felt peace radiating in his bones, and marrow.
Once rose at last, after he was sure every one of them was gone. He removed the bangles that was in his back pocket and stared at it admirably.
‘Guy…’ he said as he tried to stabilise himself with the wall,’ you just saved a man’s life. You are my hero’.
Once took the bangles from his last operation. When he fell in love the rich woman, Juliana, he was supposed to kill; in fact, he was not going to kill her again and was ready to defile every authority because of this woman. However, the tide turned when he could not hold his guilt anymore and told her his initial plan. When she heard about the consequences of his not killing her, she gave him her bangles as a Goodluck and poisons herself.
He brought the bangles close to his lips and kissed it.
‘Thank you, Juliana’.
He removed the bullet that was stuck to the bangles and threw the bullet away, smiling happily that he was still alive, and that he knew where he should go first- not hospital, neither would he chase any of those buffoons nor will he look for Leech: He was going to Chief’s place to renew his contract.
He would use Chief’s love for riches to do his biddings.
Officer Yemi felt so bad because he lose in many ways, especially when they returned to Bidemi’s room, and discovered that the dead man also was gone. He felt bad that things were turning from bad to worse for him. Then his phone rang and he picked it half-heartedly, not looking at who the caller was.
‘Hello….’ He grumbled.
‘Hello… Won’t you come home again?’
‘Did I say I’m not coming home again? ‘He shouted into the phone,’ see woman, I’m not in the mood to take all this your rubbish. So, if you would have something sensible to say…say it’.
‘Maami re is here’, she mumbled.
‘Water. I said Maami re is here’.
‘Ohhh’, Yemi grumbled, ‘I will be there soon. I’m at Odesola Street’.
‘If you like be in kutuenji just come back on time’.
The connection went off.
‘What is Maami looking for today?’
Then a big explosion rocked the air. Yemi ran to Grace, and drew her head down.
‘Get down’, he shouted.
‘What for? ‘Grace replied, forcing her head out of his thick hand.
‘Didn’t you hear the sound of that gun’?
‘Gun? Which gun?’
‘The one that sounded just now’.
‘Ahhh… Officer Yemi’ Grace exclaimed as she bursted into laughter despite everything,’ you are a very funny man, Officer Yemi….’
‘If that was not gun what was…?’
‘Banger’ Grace said, cutting in.
Even Officer Yemi smiled. He had forgotten that it was December period. That was a logical explanation for his mother’s visitation.

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