TUGRIL (The Underground Room)- Episode 3

Chapter 3

Yemi navigated through his phone and decided to read her message again.
‘I have gotten in, at last’.
She was good, sharp, wise, intelligent, prudent, and any other good descriptive adjective that can be used to qualify a good person. And that was why he gave her the name Brain. He had been trying to find some missing people for a long time, but he had not gotten any clue for days. And was beginning to give up on ever finding them when the girl (whom he had just recruited as a helper in the university) came up with an interesting discovery, and they had started working on it for days. In fact, this her discovery has really helped him to start getting near the answer. All Yemi wanted was just to find these people and to go home to meet his beautiful wife, Rose.
When he received the message from Brain three days before that she had gotten what they needed, he almost jumped out of his seat in the Lin141 class.
Yemi is a fair man, a five-foot tall man whom few ladies would love to take as husband if beauty was the criterion for selecting husbands, but he was lucky enough that Rose, a very beautiful, fair lady and his wife of six months, fell in love with him. He is an undercover detective who was sent to the University of Ajede alongside others to find what is making people disappear in the university of Ajede. He got the mission after several people were reported missing. It is a well-known fact among the police force of Ajede state that the students of the University of Ajede do not need to fear for cultism again because it had been totally eradicated; even, students who fight are said to face the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC), the most fearsome name in the University, a panel of lecturers which only a few students have gone to face and come back to their normal works. Whenever students faced SDC they are either rusticated or suspended for some times.
His boss had sent letters to the authorities of the school, faculty, and department that they should allow him operate like a student while he is carrying out his duty: that implies he would have matriculation number; he would read notes, make sure he passes every tests and Examinations to remain in the school, to be able to do his investigation well.
Yemi was waiting for her- his new student-the one whose idea had given him progress in his search. He enjoys the seat he chose to sit on, in the Gboyega Owolabi Garden popularly known as Love garden, and he was truly enjoying the love scenes he was watching. He would bring his wife to this place one of these days so that they can watch the big trees together and they can both listen to and laugh to some funny conversations he do listen to there.
His Nokia phone vibrated, shaking as if it has convulsion. He received a message.
He saw the name of the sender and hissed irritatedly.
‘Tomorrow is the last days’.
His main rival in the police force, Victor, had taken it upon himself to keep tag of the remaining days into the investigation because he, Victor, wanted the job, he wanted to be the one in the faculty of Arts, to be the one to catch the criminal but Yemi was said to take it and was given an ultimatum, alongside others.
He looked up and saw Brain coming.
Can she save the day?

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  1. Nice tale. Have you read my article on dialog tags. If not, you can check my profile for it.

    Also, I need to point it out to you that, you told; you didnt show. Try to write fiction without telling much unneeded details and character thoughts. Imagine if you were to witness the tale too as an omniscent creature, you wouldn’t know downrightly that Yemi’s colleague wanted the job, except by what he says and do and how he reacts.

    Hope you get the gist? All in all, kudos to you for putting yourself and your tale out here. Such a moxie.

  2. I seem not to understand this episode…..

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