Time Machine

I have discovered a time machine
It has the ability to transport you
To any place and time in the universe
It is ten times faster than the speed of light
This machine will cost you nothing
All you need is an open imagination
The machine is usually parked in a library
It is called a book. Yes! A book!

Depending on where you want to go
Some books are there to take you
To some place and time in the future
Some will take you to a place and time in the past
Some will take you outer space
Some will take you to places that never existed
And better still you get to meet people
Those that lived in the past and
Even those that are yet to live

Some will introduce you to places and beings
Too big for your imagination to grasp
All it will cost you is time to peruse
Through the pages of a book

2 thoughts on “Time Machine” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. Some time machine that is. Great work, @OBIINK.

    1. @musite the cheapest time machine….
      thanks for reading

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