The Rape Of Innocence

First we crawl naked on the floor
Bruising our knees with smiles
At times with only our birthday suit
Like an eagle on his first flight
We explore and seek adventures with peers
Some with exposed penises dangling like school bell
Others with two zits for breast

We sang, played, fought, cried, and laughed
Washing our ignorance under the tears of the sky
Bathing in public oblivious of prying eyes
While adults look upon our innocence with nostalgia
They smile and predict our futures by our actions.

When was innocence raped?
Was it when Chioma started hiding her birthday suit
With her mother’s wrapper
Or when traces of her auntie’s makeup
Started showing on her naive face
Like the painting of an amateur artist
Was it when she started taking her bathe in secret
Or when she started noticing the zits
On her chest are becoming boils

When was innocence raped? Was it;
When Obinna imagination was infected
With a images from the porn magazine in uncle Ache’s room
Was it when he had his first wet dream
Or when he started competing with his friends
And who have the most hairs on the penis
Was it when his curiosity caused him to investigate
The moaning echoing out of their neighbor’s apartment

Whenever innocence was raped
The truth still stands
Innocence was never born to remain innocent
But who raped innocence?
I think Time raped innocence

14 thoughts on “The Rape Of Innocence” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. Time and environment raped our innocence. They made us begin to desire what we finally decided to eat before we came of age. It was snatched when housemaid stuck d lad’s ‘pencil’ into her hole and even the ignorant lad did not know what it was but did not tell his parents. After that day, he began to yearn for it regularly. Innocence was raped when okon the houseboy began to fondle with the privates of the lass. She experienced a mixture of pleaure and pain (moan) just like a full grown adult would. This continued until, he began to introduce his stick gradually and the hymen was finally bursted.

    1. hmmm wow….
      sounds funny but a bitter truth

  2. Time didn’t raped. innocence. Puberty did.

    1. well puberty is all about about time…
      innocence was raped before getting to puberty,.. believe me

  3. Time actually raped innocence

    1. no doubt about that

  4. Hehehe. Lovely. Growth. The inevitable.

    1. oh yes! that just the right words to use

  5. Indeed, time strips us of all innocence. I look back at those days of childhood with nostalgia

    1. me too….
      thanks for reading

  6. Wow, nice poem you’ve got there.
    Made me remember old times when I was younger and had a neighbor that made their daughters bath outside saying they are kids even when they reached puberty, they stopped bathing outside when they started their periods, it wasn’t a funny occurrence I tell you. Rape Of Innocence still boils down to sex education, and In Nigeria, a lot of parents shy away from this, that’s why sexual abuse is still very much prevalent in our society and when it happens all the blame goes on the victim and the parents or guardians try to hide the truth, thinking throwing it under the carpet will solve the problem, cos you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
    I’ll agree with @gmoney, Time and Environment rapes innocence but with sex education we’ll understand better and avoid some unnecessary happenings.

    1. well said… i think it balls down to the fact that when most African parents shy away from sex education, the children tend to get it somewhere else.

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