The Pain of Knowing

The Pain of Knowing
Tunde entered the room, and from the way he looked, I assume he did not want to be seen. He sneaked into his children’s room to be sure they were sleeping. He smiled as he watched their body heave up and down. They enjoy peace only when their mother was asleep. She treated them as if they were not her children.

He gently closed the door, and headed for his room. He gently climbs the bed and crawled to his
wife’s side as if he was going to kiss her; she opened her eyes and smiled- I can tell he receives
such smiles only at night from the way she was staring at him- he smiled back, pain reflecting
in his eyes, he climbed her as she brought up her hand to caress his face.
‘ Don’t stress yourself. I will be doing everything. Just pretend you don’t know I’ve entered the room’, he said, whispering.
She nodded and closed her eyes, a big smile lingering on her lips.

He bent to kiss her while his hand fiddled with the second pillow on the bed.

Like a lightening, the fastest I’ve seen, he brought the pillow and placed it on her nose, suffocating
her. She fought for her life and tried to tear his hands off the pillow but he was stronger, and so
thirty seconds later, her body went limp. As I write now, I can imagine the victory in his eyes as he
completed the mission of killing his friend and his wife, who were cheating on him. He left the house the house and returned the next day to join those mourning the death of his beloved wife.

5 thoughts on “The Pain of Knowing” by Akintayo Akinjide (@Divepen)

  1. Strange things happen ߘက

  2. Bizzare! But why? What does he stand to gain from the killing. strange things happen.

  3. Revenge is sweet isn’t it?

  4. Nice plot but …
    1. Inconsistent tense. Why were u drifting with your tenses?
    2. The mission of killing his friend and his wife? The friend bit doesn’t fit. U could have just told us he left to complete his mission; the mission being the murder of his cheating wife and friend.
    3. This piece would have read a whole lot better with some editing.

  5. I concur with @omotola
    You’ve got a good storyline though…you can surely improve.

    Keep writing

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