Sunset (The Story)

“When nights arrive like ghostlike dreams ,
Terror descends with butcher knives .
The earth becomes a horror dream
When nights arrive with ghostlike dreams .
A death or two will skulk our dreams,
For ghosts will stalk the nights in hives
When nights arrive like ghostlike dreams .
Terror descends with butcher knives… ”

The chant is becoming animated, and towards the end we feel something we’ve never felt before, something we shouldn’t feel. We feel fear. We are heroes, night warriors, keepers of the dark, and we are afraid, for the first time in our doubtful existence. There are about twenty of us against the uncountable number of terrors that lurk out there in the dark, from 12 midnight to 3am. But the reassuring thing about us is, we survive. Whether we fight against the many headed Hell’s demons, or the two horned giant that always comes to Enoch’s dreams – the little boy that lives in the town’s church-, we pull through. We were fifty though, ten were lost in battle, and the other twenty have turned into monsters hunting their own.

Tonight, we confront the unknown, striving to keep them from the world of men, from our real selves as we sleep in the real world. You see,the thing in the cupboard, our names being called by nobody, the strange shape in the dark, the horrors in our dreams -monsters chasing us, the vampires we watched coming for our throat-, all these are real. We work hard to make them not real. We’re really fast, hacking down demons faster than The Flash that you might have watched in movies, before they can fully materialise. We guard the town, we guard Aba, and there’re others like us who we haven’t been able to reach yet guarding other cities so their bodies can live in peace.

Tonight, we’re afraid because night is coming. Night is coming because we have almost stripped it of all its ‘horrorness’. It is annoyed, I can feel it. Its anger is not like any I know; it radiates coldness instead of hotness, a cold that sets our teeth on edge. It’s going to fight to kill off the essence of humanity, us. We are going to fight back, we’ll find a way of killing it, because we are who we are, we are you, we are your subconscious. And if we fail…

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  1. This Should have been a poetry

  2. Poetry or not, this is beautiful.

  3. Thank you for reading. @ifeanyi

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