She Is A Witch

By the side of the busy road
On a peaceful Friday morning
Congregate an angry mob
Among them stand men and women
Young and old alike
Some with sticks, others with clenched hands
Some with venom in their mouth spitting curses
Some with camera phones to keep record of events
Motorists ply the busy road not minding the mob
Some slowing down to get a glimpse of the event

In the middle of the angry mob
Sits a frail aged woman
Her plaited silver hair looking tattered
Like the hairs of the mythical Medusa
A ragged like wrapper cover her nakedness
She sits with her mouth silenced with frustration
As tears streams from her eyes
Gently down to her swollen bruised face
Blood escapes gently from the side of her bleeding head
Phlegm and blood gushes out of her broken nose
Like Jesus she said no word to the mob
The only words she uttered
Are coded in tears that streams down her eyes

She is a witch they said
She is the bird that fell after hitting a pole
And transmogrify into this old woman
She is a witch and so must be killed
But who witness the transmogrification
Nobody could claim have witnessed it
But they all blame the bird turn old woman
They all blame the witch
For their failures and disappointment
And so she like Christ she must die
In the hands of an ignorant angry mob

7 thoughts on “She Is A Witch” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. @obink. This is one of the tragedies of the society within which we find ourselves. It is a shame that men and women fail to ask themselves intelligent questions. Rather, they just jump into conclusions and that is just so hirribly wrong. Wouls they be so eager to kill the woman if she had been their mothers?

    1. @samodbiobaku
      it is really sad, but with poverty and anger everywhere, everyone is looking on who to pour their anger on. and so whenever a mob justice is taking place, no one ask questions they just participate.
      i wish the mob will take their justice upon the politicians who are the real witches and thieves

      1. @obiink I actually witnessed one of such incidents right here in Lagos and what started out with a couple of shoving here and there eventually degenerated into a foll blown rain of violent blows and sadly, murder in broad daylight. I was shocked for weeks.

  2. This is sad but actually true. Sounds like something I heard that happened somewhere around Oshodi… I’m sure there would be a lot more cases like this. Just sad!!!

    1. @roy-journals the fact that such bizarre human act happen everywhere is an evidence of the level of poverty and lawlessness in our country

  3. People taking laws into their hands……. other innocent lives have been lost through this means.

    1. @shovey and it is really sad that sometime when this sadistic event take place, the law enforcement agents stand and do little or nothing to stop it

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