When the past comes calling

When the past comes calling

Mrs. Amachree jumps out of bed sweating profusely. It must have been a nightmare. They have become frequent lately and she is scared to death.
Her husband is away on a business trip and will not be back till the next week.

Picking up her phone she dials his number but a lady disrupts her remaining peace telling her thaher husband’s number is not reachable. She hangs up and walks into her daughter’s room, she is sleeping peacefully.

Slightly relieved she retires to her room; on the wall, the clock says it is 2:10am.
The previous nightmares occured at this exact time. What did they mean? What was going to happen. She prays the past doesn’t come calling as she embraces sleep as it lures her on.
The Ghana police storms the house of Kelvin, the handsome boyfriend of Gina.
Before he could say anything, he is taken into the police van headed to the station.

You are being arrested due to a distress call from one Gina claiming you sold a baby which she says happens to be her baby, turning to Kelvin he continues, ”it is a serious accusation and you will be kept in custody as investigation commences”.

Kelvin’s mouth open in shock as he tries to utter words that refuse to be said.
He is thrown into the police cell with no further words from any of the officers.

Where is Gina? He asks himself but no response came forth.
The entire house is agog over the ceremony, men and women come in and go out in preparation for the big day. Mina is finally getting married to her hearthrob of fifteen years.
Both parents are all smiles, their children are finally consolidating their long lasting union of more than forty years.
The ceremony is to take place in Mr and Mrs Amachree’s hometown, Opobo.
After he was charged and refused bail, Kelvin is released for lack of evidence since Gina is nowhere to be found to testify against him in court.

Upon returning home, Kelvin packs his belongings and embarks on the journey back to his motherland. It has not been favourable in Ghana and he is hungry for his root.

On getting home, Kelvin’s aunt fondly called ‘aunty Preye’ welcomes him to a lavish meal.

”How have you been?”, she asked.
”I have been fine, aunty. Though it hasn’t been an easy ride”
”Well, one day you will get to tell me all about your escapades in Ghana”, aunty Preye said. To which Kelvin only nodded.

Life in Nigeria is different from life in Ghana. Kelvin is adjusting but it is not easy.

Two weeks into his arrival, aunty Preye comes into Kelvin’s room. He is deep in thought.

”how are you?”, she asked.
”I am fine, aunty”.

”I remember I said you will tell me about your experiences in Ghana. Ever since you returned you’ve had this look like you bear the burden of the world on your shoulders”.

”Aunty”, he began. He went ahead and told her all that happened to him in Ghana. He carefully left out the part that he was jailed.

She consoled him and told him everything will be okay.
Kelvin nods as she walks away.

Kelvin, still locked in his room couldn’t help but keep remembering all that happened in Ghana and in jail. He tried to forget the past and move on but he kept thinking about Gina and how much he loved her before the arrival of the baby, he intended marrying immediately the baby clocked six months.

He remembered telling her to get ready to visit Nigeria with him so as to meet his aunt since he lost his parents in an autocrash.

She always laughed whenever he mentioned Nigeria. When asked the reason for her laughed, she said, she has never been there and never intends to leave Ghana.

He always shrugged it off.

Weeks later, while shopping with Aunty preye at a mall, a lady ran into aunty Preye’s arms. Kelvin took a closer look at her and saw Gina, or so he thought.

The lady told aunty that she was finally getting married. She invited her to the wedding and scrambled her bag for something which turned out to be an invitation card.

She waved a sarcastic hello to Kelvin

which made him burn within him like a knife was pierced into his heart.

Before he could respond, she sauntered off.

”who is she?”, he managed to ask his aunt with a shaky voice.

”Ahh! she is Mina, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Amachree, our family friend.
Isn’t she beautiful?” the aunt asked noticing the stunned look on Kelvin’s face like he just saw a ghost.

”You like already, don’t you?’, the aunt continued.
But Kelvin trying to hide his anger only smiled.

”You will join me to her wedding in two weeks time”, came his aunty’s voice.

”Okay”, Kelvin managed to respond.

All through that day, her face kept playing in Kelvin’s face.
Why had she pretended not to have known him?
Who is she getting married to after sending me off to jail in Ghana?
She said she will never come to Nigeria, why is she here now?

All these and many more questions kept throbbing his mind till he slept off.

Two weeks later, waking up very early. He began earnest preparation for the wedding. His aunt had told him the previous day that he would drive since her driver was away.

The long drive to the wedding venue was over. While his aunt alighted, he pleaded to be left alone in the car, which the aunt granted. She thought in her heart that maybe after that day at the mall that Kelvin had become attracted to Mina because he kept asking questions about her.

While the aunt was away, he picked a pen and paper and scribbled down what resembled a note and dropped it in the driver’s seat as he alighted.

He walked slowly into the church and sat close to his aunt.

Soon the groom marched in all smiles and his smile cut Kelvin’s heart. He should have been the one marrying her, not him. He thought to himself.

Few minutes later, she marched in; escorted by a man who looked exactly like her but more masculine.

”that’s her father, ohhh such a handsome man”, aunty preye said.
He was startled, thinking she read his mind.
He is getting more confused.
Back in Ghana, he had met Gina’s father.
He wasn’t as tall as this and not half as handsome as this man marching the love of his life into the arms of another man who had no idea how much he had suffered just because of this lady who is to be his bride.
Kelvin felt a pang of pity in his heart for the young groom. If only he knew what that innocent looking devil could do to him”

”Where was his baby?”. Using his eyes, he scanned the pew in search of any child who bore the resemblance to Gina. His thought was disjointed, he couldn’t concentrate so he quit the search.
She is now standing before a priest. They begin taking their vows.

As he made to stand, his aunt held him down reminding him not to leave the church. She asked him to control his emotions, that though he is attracted to her that he can’t have her now.

He sighed and sat down.

Few minutes later after the couple have been pronounced man and wife. Kelvin got up, walked straight to the altar, hand in his pocket. Before anyone could stop him. He shot her and tried shooting himself but someone wrestled the gun out of his hand and grabbed him by his waist.

The church, St. John’s catholic church was thrown into confusion. The bride is bleeding profusely.

The groom tears off a fabric from his white blazer and uses it to cover her chest to avoid more loss of blood. He carries her and runs towards a car parked close by, closely followed by his best man.

They arrive at a hospital and the doctor who happened to be the school mate of the bride and groom rushes her into the theatre and begins operating on her.

He succeeded in getting out the bullet and saving her life.

Meanwhile, Kelvin who had earlier been taken to a police station is put behind the bars again pending further questioning.

When asked to go bring change of clothes for the bride after having been assured that she was well; the groom, their both parents and aunty Preye came to the police station.

When Kelvin was questioned. He told them what happened in Ghana and how he had to be jailed for three years for a crime he didn’t commit.

He asked them to bring his phone, therein they saw pictures of him and Gina back in Ghana. He also showed them a picture of the baby as at when he last saw Gina. He also showed them a picture of Gina’s father that was shown to him.

”na who be dat?”, came the voice of the gateman when he heard a loud knock on the gate.

He stares at the lady standing there.
In rude shock, he asked. ”madam, wen you comot for hospital na?”.

The lady stood staring at him in utter surprise.

She asked of his Oga and was told they had gone to the hospital.

She asked that the gateman put a call across to him.

Mr. Amachree’s phone rings.

”Hello, oga”, Udoh’s voice came into his ears.
”Udoh, what is it?”
”oga, madam dey here ooo, she say make I call you for phone”.
”which madam?”
”oga, small madam ooo”.
”Give her the phone”.

Udoh hands her the phone.

”Hello, sir”, came a feminine voice which sounded just like his daughter’s.
”How are you? I hear you are looking for me, hope there’s no problem?”

”No, sir”, came the voice again. I need to see you and explain some things to you”.
”okay, I will soon be home”.

She handed the phone back to Udoh.

”Udoh, open the gate for her and let her wait for me”.

”Okay, sir.

Mr. Amachree uncertain of why the lady sounded so much like his daughter, Mina. And why Udoh, the gateman called her small madam.

He told his wife to join him in the car. They drove home and met a lady who looked exactly like Mina. They put a call across to the hospital to confirm Mina’s presence, but they were told she was sleeping.

She said, she had just come all the way from Ghana and that the man whom she had known as father told her that he was not her biological father. He had told her that, before the death of his wife, she had told him that Gina was Nigerian and that her mother wanted her sold but she bought the child from her and came back to Ghana to nurse her.

She took her in as her own and took care of her as a single parent till she met him and they got married.

Eight years into the marriage, she was diagnosed with cancer. Knowing she would die, gave him details of Gina’s biological parents.

He had also given her a picture of her mother.

When she showed them the picture, Mrs. Amachree broke down in tears.

She begged for forgiveness as she recounted tales from the past to her husband and daughter.
She told them of how she gave birth to twin girls but connived with the nurse to sell one. Due to the fact that her husband’s family were always bickering over the fact that their brother should not have married her because her family were known for producing just female children.

When she learnt that she had given birth to twin girls, she sold one and only told her husband that she had given birth to a baby girl.

She named them Gina and Mina and sold Gina.

She reminded her husband that the reoccuring nightmares she had been having were related to it.
She said she tried contacting the nurse just to hear that she had resigned and travelled back to Ghana.

Getting back into the car, Mr. Amachree brought all of them back to the police station where Kelvin was.

On seeing Kelvin, Gina burst into tears.
She begged for his forgiveness.

When asked after their child, she said she sold the child shortly before her father told her she was not his biological child.

Upon returning to the midwife who she sold the baby to, she was told that died in an autocrash with a baby.

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