I am a shadow; a shade of my failings and excesses,

My mind; a perfect blend of lost dreams and would be ambitions,

Dreams that seem like a lifetime ago, Dreams of broken hearts and curses,

Ambitions that have driven me into the village of loneliness and rejection,

Who have I become? What has this place made me?

I am a myth; a story of bravery that never happened,

Tales under the moonlight told to children yet to be born,

Mine is a story of hope and victory, darkened,

Darkened by the wickedness in the hearts of my enemies sworn,

What is my end? Where did I begin?

I am a moment; short lived, never ending and always beginning,

Like a lit candle nearing the end of its days,

A flash in the pan, never achieving but ever believing,

Cast into folly, never to understand the error of my ways,

What is my crime? When is my redemption?

I am nothing; moving undetected in a world that seeks my destruction,

Forged in the battle of ignorance and vanity,

Loving that which is empty, consoled by the arms of desolation,

Because parity eludes me, I have embraced profanity,

Yes, I know what I am; I am nothing.

But then, who is a victor without the scars of battle?

And what is the glory of the pan without the beating of the tinker?

Yes, I may be nothing; my fortunes may have been rattled,

But just like gold that has been passed through the fire,

I have been refined; ‘nothing’ has been refined.


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