My roots

I have come a long way
In search of my roots
Today I arrived like a prodigal son
In search of my father’s house
To consult the God of my ancestors
To offer sacrifice to the spirit of my fathers

I have seen the resting place of my ancestors
I have walk on the very soil they walk
Have drank from the river
That has dutifully quench their thirst from time
But I am yet to consult the God of my ancestors

How do I commune with them in a foreign tongue
I want to consult my ancestors
But there are no priests to answer me
Where is the mouthpiece of my father’s God
I have come to the land of my fathers
To be greeted by a foreign god
And my brother is the mouth piece of a foreign god

4 thoughts on “My roots” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. It’s a nice one I must confess, but you need to work the end lines again. If you think over it again, you could bring out the best of it. And don’t forget to add rhymes.

    The spirit is in you.

    Keep writing.

    1. thanks …. will keep getting better

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