My Pain, And Pains

Img_20150904_132302With a Heart soaked in Pain,

I bowed and removed my Hat,

Tears, tickling my cheek,

Like Matilda i have dragged my Pain here.


An Encomium i have come to pay,

The Pain i tried to Masticate,

Like a rock, It was not edible.


But to You, The Mountain Melter,

Its non-verbal expression is legible,

’cause as The Omnipotence,and Omniana,

You dont need an interpreter.


Higgedly-piggedly i appear before Thee,

To seek Thy Fountain of Gratification,

Pleading You unleash Thy Spigot of Purification,

To shelter me, away from my Pain,and Pains.



By Emjoe Centelima®

One thought on “My Pain, And Pains” by Emjoe centelima (@Emjo)

  1. It lacked emotion and energy. This could have been better.

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