#LetterToMyNext – I’m An African Man

I’m giving X’s and O’s for my ex’s and hoes, I know reading this will make you think am good at rhymes well don’t get too excited because i copied it and I’m probably going to copy more just to
impress you(did those rhymes even make sense?). Well my dear I’m an upcoming rapper and i’ve got one single out and it’s getting some buzz(hey! don’t get too excited of dating the next Ice Prince). I know you might think that as an upcoming artiste that i’ll be getting many girls, my dear don’t be deceived the only girls i get are those on the pages of a Magazine; they are the only ones that allow me to flip through them(come! don’t think am ugly oh).

I’m a very handsome guy with broad shoulders(mm-hmm the type you can lean on) and a very cute frowning face,(I don’t smile because my Ex told me that I look more handsome when i frown so am always frowning) good athletic body and Abs, you see you are dating no ugly so you must be very cute(Beauty before Character; yes it’s only when I’m attracted to you that I’ll have the time to check out your character) If you must be dark in complexion then you must
have the face of Genevieve, the body structure of Muna, a dash of the assets of Nicki Minaj( I’m a true African man ; I love assets both physical and fiscal) and if you must be light skinned then you must have the face of Omotola with the body structure of Tiwa Savage still a dash of Nicki’s assets.

Financially speaking I’m no broke(my ex told me that I was going broke so I replaced all my breakable plates with rubber ones so they can’t be broken) so you see I can take care of you in
good and bad seasons.. If you ever get sick we’d just stroll to Baba Ekiti (the herbal doctor close to my house) he’s a very good herbalists I heard he cured a boy suffering from typhoid with the same medicine he used to cure a girl of asthma(I believe the cure for HIV/AIDS have been found by our local herbal doctors) so you see why waste much money on English medicine when you can buy a cheap herbal one that cures 8 ailments at the same time. He even
sells cosmetics much better than Fair n White that most girls use, we can buy from him. So my dear money is not a problem with me maybe in my next music track I’ll remix Davido’s Dami duro because I’m Omo baba olowo.

When it comes to food it’s said “Make a way to a man’s stomach and you’ve gotten half way into his heart” that is true with me( I love food and not just any food, I mean African dishes I don’t mind taking eba morning, afternoon and night please bear with me) you must learn how to cook African dishes.

Now about love, love is a feeling we can’t describe with words from the mouth so be expecting text messages instead of calls( I mean if I call and tell you that I love you then know that it isn’t true because true love can only be expressed through messages(texts).

Finally I’m rich but your dad being influencial is an added advantage..

7 thoughts on “#LetterToMyNext – I’m An African Man” by Chikaleaks (@chikathrill)

  1. I really enjoyed this…….the last line “Finally I’m rich but your dad being influencial is an added advantage.. ” got me reeling , keep it up .

  2. you’ll know a broke ass when you see one. lols

    1. @Shovey lol. *runs away* thanks for the comment though.

  3. Lol… @shovey made my day, a broke ass he is indeed! A few typos, Chika, but I enjoyed it all the same…

    Keep writing.

  4. Lol…
    I like the way you write
    Keep it up pal

  5. One word for this… Kwazieeee!!! Me likey

  6. I concur with bobo_tyler, that last paragraph was goood, made me laugh.
    Like the others said, some typos and syntax arrangement.
    Well done @chikathrill

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