In God’s Name

In God’s name
The name most powerful
Wives have altered to widows
And husbands now widowers

In God’s name
The name most merciful
Children have become orphans
Infants long for their mother’s dead breast

In His name
The name most beautiful
Ocean of tears flows endlessly
Hearts of men have metamorphose to rock
Joy has been murdered

In His name
The name most glorious
We live in great trepidation
Our dreams have been sacrificed
On the sanctuary of anarchy

8 thoughts on “In God’s Name” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. strong words, few but paints a vivid image.
    Nicely done.

  2. Boko Haram/ISIS

    1. What about the idol worshippers? In many areas in lasgidi, they do announce that lost pets and animals should be looked for, but lost humans shouldn’t. What’s the searching for, anyway? They’d never be found.

      What about that? Aren’t they all doing it openly? I’m not saying they don’t belong, but if you gotta give a list, you’ve got a LOOOOOOONG way to go.

      1. every religious group with there own terrorist….
        that how much religion has fucked the world up

  3. Nicely written. Very concise and heart wrenching.

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