If Only I Knew – 4

After spending over a month in London, John and I returned back to Nigeria. My neighbours ran toward me as they saw me coming down from a taxi that brought me home from the airport.

“Aunty Abigail!! Welcome.” They all welcomed me happily and carried my bags to my apartment.

“Londoner,”. Juliet said as she opened the door to my room. “Welcome. How was your trip?”

“Ore mi (My friend)” I was happy to see her. “My trip was greaaaat. I really missed you.” I gave her a soft hug.

“I was thinking if you’re not going to come back o.” Juliet said and sat down, smiling. “Hope you brought me some goodies?”

“Don’t you trust me?” I turned and opened one of my bags and brought out some beautiful dresses.
“Try this on.”

“Wow!!” her eyes widened. “This is beautiful.” She took off her dress and put it on. “How is it?” She asked with a pretty smile, turning round with her hands wide opened.

“Perfect.” I said. “Check this out.” I showed her another dress.

She collected it from me. “This is lovely.” She met my eyes. “Thank you so much ore (Friend)”

“No thanks,” I laughed softly. “What are we friends for?” I said and sat down at the edge of my bed. “How is your business?”

“We thank God o.” She said. “That even remind me. Segun has been asking of you o. He no let me rest o. I told him you traveled home and he has been coming to my shop almost everyday to know if you’re back.”

I hissed. “Who? Abeg talk better thing.”

Juliet smiling face became serious. “Abigail? What you’re doing is not fair o.” She sighed and met my gaze. “You don’t even care about his feelings.”

“Have I not tried Juliet? You know how long i’ve waited for him, and this guy is not ready to do anything. I’ve tried, Juliet abeg.”

Juliet heaved a sigh. “I know, but you know his condition na. I just pity the poor guy.” She leaned back and rolled her face towards the ceiling.

A moment of silent went by. “Are you sure this John is serious about you? You know those rich men.”

I favoured her with a smile. “John is different. This guy is more than serious.” I drew my handbag closer and brought out the diamond necklace John gave to me. ” look at this. This diamond worth more than a million naira.” I told her with a smile.

“Omo. You mean John gave you this?” She widened her eyes in disbelief. “Na wa o” she collected it from me.

“Do you think if this guy isn’t serious he would be doing all this for me?” I said, while Juliet stared at me silently. “Do you know the promise he made to me?””


I smiled. “He promised to buy me a brand new car of my choice.” I said happily.


“Yes o. That guy Is an angel sent to me from above. I just can’t imagine my life without him.” I said.

Juliet signed. “Okay o.” She paused and picked her ringing phone off her bag. After she received her call, she pulled herself up. “Let me rush to the shop, I have a customer waiting for me.”

“Okay. I will come over to your shop later.” I said.

“Alright. I will be expecting you.” She walked out of my room.

The ringing tone of my phone woke me up the following morning. I pulled myself up from bed and pickup my cell phone from the small table beside my bed. “Hello.” I answered. Hearing John’s voice that morning, made me feel very happy.

After ending the call with John. I got up from bed to see who was knocking on my door. When I pulled it opened, it was Segun’s mother, staring at me. “Omo mi Abike (My daughter Abigail).” She said.

I knew my expression was less than welcoming. The fact that Segun was standing at her back made me frown. “Good morning ma.” I gestured for her to enter my room.

“Omo mi abike (My daughter Abigail).” The old woman said as she stepped into my room. She sat down while Segun stood with his hands crossed over his chest, lending his back against the wall.”I’ve been trying to see you all those while, but I was told you traveled home.” The old woman said, while I stared at her silently. “What is the matter between you and Segun?”

I pulled out a deep breath and slide my gaze towards the window. Not again! “Mama,” I met her eyes. “What has happened has happened. I don’t want to go over this again, I said I’m no longer interested in him, is it a crime?”

The woman stared at her son and back to me. “I know you’re still angry.” She said. “Please forgive him for whatever he has done to you. Dakun (please).”

“Mama there is nothing to forgive him about.” I said. “it’s over between us. Your son is not serious mama, for how many years have waited for him? I just can’t continue with him mama.”

“My daughter. I understand your fear as a woman.” She said. “But be patience my daughter. Please.”

I let out an explosive breath and rolled my gaze away. How am I going to do this? I thought. Segun was staring at me without a single word. Few seconds of silence went by. I met the old woman’s gaze. “I’m sorry mama. I’m engaged with someone else.” I pulled my gaze away from her.

7 thoughts on “If Only I Knew – 4” by Harry Enomamien (@Silvadereal)

  1. Precarious situation for Abigail (aka Abike) to be in, sadly the title of the series gives some of the mystery away (I hope the development will have a good twist). Poor Shege, what can a man do?
    **The story keeps improving, still take some time to edit or better yet, ask a friend to help go over it.

  2. still needs editing.I sighted patience for patient, and others as well.

    1. @Shovey You’re right, thanks.

  3. I don’t like the part where Segun us the one suffering lolzzzz. anyway is a nice story but you always keep us waiting

    1. @Ogunekun lolzzZZ..funny you.

      Thanks for reading.

      1. @silvadereal, the story is very interesting. Nice write

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