Greed’s Fruit

Chidimma would buy lots of expensive gifts just to prove how much she loves him. She would package a sumptuous meal she prepared by herself and send to him. She would come around sometimes and help with his laundry. She would never forget to text him sweet messages every morning. He feels she cares more for him than any other girl in the world and for that, he wouldn’t loose her.

Rosa, she is the most beautiful lady his eyes have ever beheld. He wouldn’t want to miss her radiant smile which sends his mind on a trip. He wouldn’t want to miss the feeling of her smooth soft shimmering skin on his. Thinking about himself rocking her voluptuous hips just wouldn’t do, he wouldn’t want to stop caressing her buxom honey-soft orbs and bum. And for that, he wouldn’t leave her.

Jennifer is the most decent girl he has ever met. Neat, disciplined, industrious and smart. Blessed with a variety of talents: cooking, sewing, bead-making, farming and many others. And so, he wouldn’t let her go.

Arewa is a very beautiful but poor orphan. She works as a sales girl in a small fast-food joint where she earns peanuts. He is sympathetic with the poor lady and takes care of her financial needs. And so, he is also not letting go of her.

He is a young handsome man in his youth. He wants to enjoy the pleasure of women spending for him, he wants to swim in the pool of lechery, he wants to be proud to own a woman that he could call a wife material, and he wouldn’t let go of a woman he has spent a lot on. Not one of them is his choice, but all of them. Such is the height of his greed.

But now, the blindfold of stupidity has fallen off his eyes and he is as confused as the dog whose bone vanished between its teeth, the numerous thoughts running everywhere in his head are about splitting it into two and he is overwhelmed by sorrow and regret because Chidimma is pregnant, and Rosa, and Arewa.

10 thoughts on “Greed’s Fruit” by Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

  1. He’ll end up having none of them. you cant eat ur cake and have it.

  2. That’s some real sense @Shovey. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Funny him.. He will soon find out that any of them he finally chooses to be with would not be sufficient because all the traits he craves for are not found in one of the girls. Nice write.

  4. True talk @gmoney. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. You see now, If only he stuck with Jennifer…
    Good job @chijy

  6. Lol…What a Johnny guy…He should married them if possible tho

    Nice piece keep it up writer.

  7. He’s really such a Johnny guy bro. Thanks for your comment @majiri.

  8. Short and precise.
    Well done.

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