What goes around
Seldom comes around.
The evil lives
And the good are like leaves.

Life is not fair,
But then it’s a fair.
The lucky ones will win the prize,
The luckless ones will pay the price.

Life will not give you what you seek
When you ask like you’re very meek.

Life is like a gamble,
It only bursts your bubble;
But sometimes “losers” will win,
For we don’t always get the yin.

7 thoughts on “Gamble” by musite (@musite)

  1. True! Life cant give you what you seek but what you demand.

  2. Lovely, we all have to rely on fate

  3. All true, @gmoney.
    @Ordeezy, that’s debatable.

  4. Nice poem…True talk about life.

  5. True. The line between good and bad is blurred, too bad many a time bad seems to win.

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