A Glimpse Of Heaven

I have always loved watching the sunset. I do so any chance I get. There is something about it that stirs my soul. I sit and watch as the sky becomes a tapestry of ever-changing colours: blue, white, gold, yellow, pink and purple; all weave together to form something so glorious and beautiful that it is transcedent.
When I look at it for a brief moment, its like I’m getting a glimpse of heaven.
It isn’t just sunsets though that can give u a glimpse of heaven. With a loving heart and a grateful spirit, you can see that they are everywhere.
They are in a baby’s laugh, a child’s smile, an uplifting song, and in a beautiful painting; in the first flower of a young plant, in the cool breeze of a hot day, in the colours of the rainbow and in the first snow of winter in those countries.
They are in heartfelt hug, a gentle touch and an encouraging word. They are in a loving thought, every prayer frm a simple soul,every “thank you” u give to God.
Anything that brings us closer to God give us a glimpse of heaven. Any act that helps another soul gives us a glimpse o heaven. Any act that makes us one more with God gives us a glimpse of heaven.
Infact our highest call in life is to bring as much of heaven as we can bring down here on earth.
When our hearts are full of heaven, then heaven will be our home in this world and in the world to come.

5 thoughts on “A Glimpse Of Heaven” by Dante (@Dante)

  1. Short and Beautiful. “… another soul gives us a glimpse of heaven. ” A bit of proofreading will do.

  2. Agreed with Skyfaze.
    “It isn’t just sunsets though that can give u a glimpse of heaven”
    It seems like you are an avid texter (bbm and co.), you used ‘u’ and ‘frm’ rather than the complete words.
    Other than that it was a good read and a message was passed.

  3. It was a beautiful piece. I get the message.

  4. Just lovely, indeed we are to bring heaven down here… It’s humanity’s assignment.

  5. Sorry I haven’t replied your comments. I have been very busy with my these past few weeks. I appreciate your contributions. They mean a lot and also I will take note of the errors and improve well in my next piece.

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