Will I Ever Be Loved?

I heard the door bell, and immediately I sprang to my feet. The distance to the door was short, still, I walked in haste. I pulled the bolts with a smile. The surprised look he had, immediately he saw me, was unmistakable: Joshua our eldest son most times opened the door. I smiled again to … Continue reading Will I Ever Be Loved?

my first kiss

My First Kiss (Episode 10)

*****Ten years earlier***** Nneoma stirred on the bed. Then she welcomed the new day with a quiet ‘thank you, Jesus’. She counted herself lucky, being a nursing mother, yet being able to sleep through the night, without a cry from her baby. The first six days after her baby was born had been, as anticipated, … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 10)

The Price of Distraction

She strolled past me at first, spraying a very seductive smile. I was irritated; she just obstructed my view of an important pass from the captain of my team. She went into the kitchen, my wife, and served a very appealing meal. If a meal could be seductive, this was one in hot pants and … Continue reading The Price of Distraction