Unknown Shadows- Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Meeting The Great Schemer

The light went off again, without giving Jerry the opportunity to see who it was.
Jerry held his breathe, wishing the person was the beautiful thief, hoping she had come to give him a chance to love her forever, hoping she had that burning the desire he had been having to see her again.
He jumped as the voice said near his ear. That was her voice- raspy, whispering, hair-raising, and tinkling- filtering through his ear via his blood streams to his heart which kept on beating as if it was on fire .
And then, PHCN restored the electricity again, the old fan reporting to duty as it squeaked and began to produce cool air to the room.
‘Whoa…You scared me…’ He said as he turned to see her frame; indeed, it was his beautiful night thief. His heart skipped a beat as he saw her. The last time he saw, she was desperate to escape her attackers, but today she was not desperate to escape any attacker; instead, she was at home and that gave her a queenly look. Shade’s beauty be damned, this is pure beauty. The lady was wearing a black top and black jean trousers. Her hair was parked well to the back.
‘Hello Jerry’.
‘Hello my night visitor’, he said as he stretched his hand to take her handshake.
She laughed when she saw the way he responded to her touch, he himself did not know what happened, but he felt his body vibrating when she touched him as if her touch was electrifying.
‘Night visitor!’ She replied amusingly, as she went across the room to the seat he brought back inside the room, and she sat on it.
Jerry also sat down, looking at her intently as he tried to fathom why his body vibrated when their hands met the other time. He imagined how it would be to feel her touch again, to feel her hands on his body, to hear her raspy voice talk to him one more time. His heart warmed at the thought of that, making him smile.
‘You know you should consider moving to a bigger place, where you can have chairs and the rest’, she said as she played with her hair, and kept on staring at him.
‘So how has it been with you?’ He asked, with the hope of striking a good conversation between them.
She smiled, loosen her hair, and shook her head gently as she allowed her hair to rest on her shoulders graciously, serving as a lining for her beautiful fair face, and the beautiful happiness it was radiating.
‘Well…If it had been as usual. Living as a fugitive, running from here to there, not being able to stay in one place, especially these days that people now wonder if the thief they have been chasing was actually a thin boy or a woman. But I don’t allow the thought of being caught hit my little beating heart. So, I have been here and there, and as usual I mistakenly’, she smiled broadly when she said this,’ yes… mistakenly stole this phone’, she brought out a phone.
The phone. Yes, Jerry’s heart thumps up with rejoicing as he sighted the only phone that connected him to the dead man.
‘Ah…How…How did you get that?’ Jerry asked stupendously, batting his eyes, as he rose from his bed to meet her.
When he got to her side, he dragged it out of her hand, than collect it as she pointed it at him. Jerry scrolled to the gallery and saw his picture, as he moved backward, towards the bed.
‘Your picture made me save the phone from the eyes of the man that was staring at it’, the night visitor continued.’ He kept staring at it like you stared at me that night’.
Jerry mouthed a word and allowed it to die down.
‘ Since, the picture was yours, I figured the phone might be yours too, so I stole it, but after I stole it, I discovered that the phone was not yours neither was it the man’s own, but I felt you need to know about the man that was staring at your picture’.
She brought out another android phone and showed him the picture; a picture of the policeman that came to his place in the afternoon.
‘So, what up between the two of you?’
‘ Nothing much’, he said, scowling as he deleted his picture from the phone and sat down on the bed, happy with himself, happy that he is free from whatever allegation they might want to hold against him.
‘Or are you people gay?’
‘What?’ Jerry shouted, his voice resounding in the dark cold night, ‘Me… Gay? God forbid…’ He said, shaking his head vigorously.
Now, her expertise as a thief has really saved him from further investigation of the police. He decided to tell her part of the truth.
‘Someone took my picture and was later found dead. So, they thought I might be involved. Now that you have freed me. How I can repay you?’ Jerry said coming to the edge of the bed.
Can’t you just keep on living with me? Do you have to continue being a fugitive’
She laughed, heartily, her voice mixing with swirling, squeaking and the ‘whee’ sound of the fan.
‘There is always a new thing in every new place; more so, I will stop moving all about when I’m sure the wind of life will truly come as a breeze and not a storm. I guess, we are at par, I’ve just repaid you for the last time. I can’t live with you for many reasons… Now,’ she said as she moved to the door.
Jerry wondered what she was up to as she locked it. She turned to him graciously, removed her t-shirt, took her hand to the zip of her trouser, let it slip off her body gently, switched off the light, and before Jerry could see clearly, she planted a kiss on his lips.
When Jerry woke up the next morning, she was gone.
‘Again’, he said as he used his head to hit the bed in despair, angry that he had allowed sleep to overcome him again. She must be so good at entering and breaking because of the way she moves. He rolled on the bed, and wondered what got into him that he slept with two ladies within few hours interval. Then, he saw a letter on the bed. Like the other day, she had replaced herself with a letter.
Sweet. God, you are good. I hope we have the chance to meet again. Did you watch the film I asked you to watch? No. If Yes, I’m not sure you have seen what I wanted you see. The questions you should ask yourself: What is the most essential thing after air, water, and food? What is the word which when the first and the last letter is remove means unity? Some days we might meet outside here, for a reason or two, please don’t do as if you know me. It is for your own good- Night Visitor.

The last sentence baffled Jerry, why would she say he should not do as if he knew her. He sat up as he placed the thought of his not acknowledging her in the public aside. What is unity?
Accord…Harmony…Consensus…One. One?
What is the essential thing of life except those things she listed below? Jerry shook his head when the thought of shelter crept into his mind, and used his hand to ward off an imaginary object registered in his mind. The light was still on, so he scrambled out of the bed to plug his laptop and all other gadgets. He decided that he would watch the film, Jack Ryan again. Then, he settled down to be sure he was not missing anything. As he was watching the movie, he got it. He got it.
‘Whoa! Oh! My God!’
Quickly, as if he was on fire, Jerry rushed out of the bed, put some clothes, and moved out of the room to the landlord’s room.
The landlord came out after he relayed a message to the landlord’s wife that he wanted to see the landlord.
‘Good morning, Mr. Jerry’, the landlord said with a Yoruba accent, extending his hand for a shake.
‘Good morning sir’, Jerry replied, taking the landlord’s handshake half-heartedly.
‘I hope all is well?’
‘Yes sir. Please, I just want to ask…’ Jerry said, wondering how he would post this question at the landlord, ‘please sir, I can’t really remember, but I’m not sure you have given me any receipt since I got here because I can’t find any in my room’.
‘Oh! I’m sorry, I should have sent Bimpe to you since but I always forget’, the landlord said. ’ But Mr. Jerry, don’t worry I will send someone to you’.
‘Okay sir’, Jerry said as he left for his room, wondering how this was connected to what he just watched in the movie.
Then, he wondered why he did not tell the landlord to give him there, that he was not busy, that he could wait for him to write and sign the receipt, so he turned back and returned to the landlord’s room and as he was about to knock, he heard,
‘Hello! The boy is already asking questions o’.
The girl was right; follow the money, and the money will guide your path.
Yemi was prepared to meet her, he was already up, but Grace asked him to come around 9 0’clock that morning. He searched his pocket for the phone but he did not find it.
‘What?’ He mouthed as he scanned the room, though he was not really scanning the room; he was trying to remember how he did the phone. Then, he remembered that beautiful lady that was sitting beside him, she almost fell on him as she was about to get out of the bus.
‘ Foolish thieves’, he muttered as soon as the clock struck 8:30, he stood up and left for Grace’s place, happy that she trusted him with her life. They are almost family because their lives is almost intertwined, something brings them together almost every year.
Her home was at Samonda, so he decided to trek most part of it to beat the thirty minutes remaining to get there.
When, he got there, she entertained him, not minding that he came very early in the morning. He wondered how she still kept her beauty in check; her trimmed beautiful body still in shape, her fair skin still shining, her hair, still long, and her face that looks like Angelina Jolie still well structured.
‘Thank you… I’m sorry I came to disturb you’.
‘Officer Yemi? Disturb me?’ she said with a bright smile, as if she had made plans to always smile no matter what happens.
‘Thank you’, he said he sipped the drink before him, ‘please, when last did you hear from Bidemi… You know the Bidemi I’m talking about right’.
Grace nodded to acknowledge that she understands him, her bright smile still lingering on her lips as she looked at him.
‘It’s almost seven months now’.
‘Oh!’ Yemi gasped, and sighed heavily,’ I thought you would help me get in touch with him, because I need to get some information from him. So what happened? Did you people not end up…? You know… Married?’
‘Yes…Yes… We married’, she said, ‘and the foolish boy decided to leave me’.
‘Oh! You divorced?’
‘No… He ran away from home, as if he was trying to divert the attention of something bad. He left me and the next day, his body…No… His headless body was found… Dead, stone cold dead’.

The beautiful thief was happy with herself, with her achievement; although, she knew the implication, but she loved it. How would it be that the guy she had spent most of her life crushing upon would die without sleeping with her?
She had planned it well, and fate helped her. Her plan was simple: she waited for that period when it was most unsafe to have any sexual intercourse with any man- her ovulation period-and slept with Leech, now known as Jerry. Sparrow was the fate that played into the scene. She would have dumped his body into the river but she allowed his body to lay beside the river, followed the policeman until it was safe to steal the phone. She wondered when Leech, her most beloved, would stop being careless.
The beautiful thief gently rubbed her stomach, as she hoped her stomach does not shoot out before her second plan comes into play. She just hoped Leech understands her letter.

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