I’m doubled over in pain
Pain worse than physical
Physical pain, panadol will heal
Healing comes later than now
Now I’m in pains, in tears

Clutching the tatters of the fabric
The fabric of my life
My life I said was perfect
Perfect until it dawned on me
Dawned on me that my best friend has a best friend.

Here I am looking radiant and happy
Happy and confident in public
Privately weeping, berating my life choices
Choices terrible from the results
Results that indicate I didn’t plan well
Plan well to keep my heart in a locker
A locker would be fitting
Fitting for my fragile love
My fragile love now trampled
Trampled and spat on uncaring
Uncaring, unfeeling, unseeing
Unseeing how I feel
Feel like.

5 thoughts on “Uncaring” by jollyone (@jollyone)

  1. Wow! I can imagine this flowing out of you like it’s some broken pipe. Take heart please.
    A good poem with the the ending of one line beginning the next. I doubt though if putting your “heart in a locker” would have help. Please don’t .

    1. Thanks @dolphineyes. You really read it like I wanted. Your name is inspiring. I should do something on it soon *wink*

      1. Hmm,awaiting that “something.” Regards.

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