Think Agric!

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We have brains

We have grains

But the lands lie hollow

But the farms are fallow

The pullets aren”t barren

But who will raise the hens?

Who will build their pens?

Livestock survive on faint hope-

their survivor is thin!

No patient of job

To fall down trees

Young vertebrae ache,

when they bury some seeds.

If the cocks crow ,

they’ll bust our fragile peace

And the poultry droplets ‘iyama’ –

what a hiss!

The oil ‘dey’ boom

The collars are all white , no single blue.

But the strength and vigour

Goes on perambulating the streets.

No take home , still ,gents and ladies

Refuse to be discreet.

Be wise, Be rich

Think Agric!

One thought on “Think Agric!” by petersonspecies (@Petersonspecies)

  1. And ironically, it takes little strength to farm now due to mechanization. And the government is interested in farming now, that’s why they grant loans and support farmers.
    But the truth is, farming requires a whole lot of patience. And that’s one thing Nigerians don’t have in good enough quantity.

    Nice write.

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