The Spider and The King

There was a time in my life, when I almost give up on myself, but my Mom called me and decided to tell me an old story. I hope you will learn something from it too.

A story about the spider and the king.

Here it goes:

There was a king who was thinking about what to do concerning a situation that has plagued him with as many failures as the attempts. As he sat on his throne with his chin suspended by his hand which rooted itself on the elbow that used his thigh as a platform, he watched a spider that spurned a thread from the floor to the ceiling.

As the spider was climbing up, he thought to himself,

“such a long journey”.

The spider crawled on its thread, climbing as fast as it could, but before it could reach the middle of its journey, he dropped back to the floor. The King clapped and laugh, he said,

“I knew it, it was useless. It couldn’t have made it”.

The spider crawled to and fro and spurned another thread to the ceiling. The King was angry,

“What fool is this? Give up already and go crawl through the wall!”

But the spider started climbing again, little by little, and before it could even reach a quarter of the journey, it fell again. The King hissed and looked away; very sure it wouldn’t dare to continue. In his mind, he said,

“Only a fool will try again in the face of a waiting failure”.

He went back to his throne and decided to go back to thinking about the next to do after he gave up on the situation. In his mind, he has tried all her could and he already believed that there was no way out than letting go.

“I can’t do it”, he repeated to himself.

And in truth, he wouldn’t.

Then his mind went back to the spider, and there it was, inches away from its destination. He watched with great admiration, and urged it to take the last step. As the spider stretched its leg to hold on to the ceiling, he fell again.

The King clamped his head with his hands, and rose to his feet.

“This is not fair!” He shouted. “My friend”, he called on the spider, “you have tried your best; you can give up now”.

The spider, which wasn’t even aware that that someone was watching, armed himself with its determination, and spurned the thread again.

“No, no”, the King said. “Don’t waste your time, you can’t do this”. He said and wished the spider could understand him.

Before he could finish talking, the spider was on his way up. It was tired, but it kept on. The King’s guards watched the King in his madness as they couldn’t see what he was talking to.

The spider, which has clearly learnt from its mistake, changed its tactics. As it got to the middle of the way, he spurned another thread and climbed on.
The King watched in surprise and wondered how a spider could be that smart. As the spider was almost to the ceiling, it spurned another thread, and abandoned the old one.
The King smiled and
watched in unbelief.

“So, that was it? That was how it should be done? Now I know, I need another way and not repeating the old trick that failed”.

The spider climbed, slowly, and steady and with his tired leg, he held on to the ceiling.

“Yes!” The King shouted and sprung to his feet. “We made it, we made it”. He said.

After the trouble and effort, the spider relaxed at the ceiling for several minutes before it continued on his journey.

The King called his councilors and told them to cancel the initial plan to give up. In his words, he said,

“I have learnt a great lesson today,

“Don’t give up. If you know you are in the night path, and you know your goal, don’t give upon it.

“If you do the same thing in the same way over and over again, you will get the same result.

“As the unsuspecting spider received a standing ovation of I, the King, then you should know that you can only be celebrated when you are a success, and not when you failed or stopped.

“The steps taken to failure, is the steps learned for success. If we failed in hundred attempts, it means we have learned how to succeed in a hundred and one attempts”.

Then the king stood up and said to himself, “I must continue, I must succeed”.

What about you?

a story by Kingwax

5 thoughts on “The Spider and The King” by KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

  1. Nice message.

    * upon – up on ( . . . don’t give upon it)
    * has, her – had, he (In his mind, he has tried all her could . . . )
    * unbelief – disbelief (The king smiled and watched in unbelief)
    * wouldn’t – couldn’t (And in truth, he wouldn’t)
    * And some more errors.

    It’s hard to throw them all away, but one has to try–harder.

  2. Awesome message passed on.

  3. thanks Sir

  4. Awesomesauce! Really enjoy this nice pics.Quite inspirational

    Keep it up

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