The Morning Before


The atmosphere was charged with the disco lights bouncing off the walls of the largely spaced room in various colors while the air stood, stifled with alcohol, cigarette, sturdy brands of perfumes, and body sprays.

And then, there were others;  sweats, body odors…

We were like animals and the club was our jungle.

I took the ice from his mouth as I swayed to the rhythm slamming from the monstrous loud speakers of the club. The DJ was good, I would give him that, I thought as I felt this dude’s hands round my breeches pulling me close enough to feel his groins. I acknowledged the gesture with a smirk recognizing the effect it was having on him and went even lower, bending my waist as I swayed my hips round his zipper.

Pulling me up, he whispered into my ears, “easy girl! You will kill me o”.

I chuckled ignoring how his breath stunk of alcohol. I didn’t care…

After all, wasn’t that why I was there…not to care?

He was holding a bottle of the famous gin in one hand and his other hand have refused to leave my waist since he came.

Almost like he owned me

I frowned, realizing this and so, I tried to struggle out of his grip.

“Where are you going babe?” he asked lamenting, his eyes dimly red as he tightened his grip around me.

“No where…just want water” I answered dropping my blown-out cigarette as I continued to pull myself towards the bar.

“Water? I’ve got water here baby…have some” he answered offering the gin in his hand as he stood giggling at the angry expression that had just crossed my face.

“Oh come on, just take a sip…I guarantee that you’ll like it” he insisted.

Reluctantly, I stopped struggling and took the bottle from him and then, gulped down almost the whole bottle.

“Wow! You must be really thirsty…I’ve got a better liquid though…Something even stronger” he whispered into my ears as I tried to settle the hot burning in my stomach. It was like the burning liquid was reinvigorating every dead fiber and cell in my body including those I wanted to keep dead for eternity.

I shuddered trying to stay focus on what he was saying.

“You’re here alone?” he asked winking with a huge grin on his lips

“Do you want me to be?” I asked boldly handling back the bottle to him.

He was about to answer when suddenly, the DJ twisted his wheels and stopped at that famous song by Iyanya-your waist.  The club went wild as everyone who had been seated or asleep were suddenly on their feet finding their way to the dance floor. It was like do or die affair…dance or get out of the club.

This is definitely going to be a long night I thought warily as i rolled my waist,  reminding myself that i had no where else to be. I was also going to ignore the fact that there were two more men dancing their way towards me.

Soon, a hand was on my behind, another on my thighs while gin man’s hand remained on my waist and didn’t even seem to mind the others. I became like a target on focus with every muscle struggling to have and keep my attention.

I threw my head back enthralled as all hands swept through my body enjoying the feel of my breast against their hands, my behind in their grasps, my shoulder in their fists, then sudden, I felt a finger slip into my short skirt trying to walk its way up into my underwear. I jerked up and in annoyance, pushed off the perverts and meandered my way into the bathroom, whose floors were littered and almost flooded.

“Lizzy, are you okay?” Obbie asked juddering me. Obbie and I actually came to the club together with her boyfriend…

What was that his name again? I hit my head several times to try and recall.

Chima!  Yea that’s right; Chima!  And I was like their third wheel!

“I…I’m fine.”  I answered pulling her hands off my body as I tried to steady my gaze at my reflection in the mirror.

“Jesus! You are drunk!” Obbie wailed as she sussed through the green tube blouse I was wearing.

“Yea and so what?” I retorted.

“Oh Lizzy this wasn’t the plan…You know…Come, let’s go home. We can go home now if you want” Obbie responded remorsefully as she picked up her purse and headed towards the door.

“I’m not ready to go yet” I answered stolidly ignoring the pitiful look on her face.

“Let me know when you are ready, okay?” she implored. “I’ll be at the bar with Chima.

“Yeah, whatever!” I answered as I watched her retracting figure in the mirror.

“Hey” I heard a voice call out behind me. From the mirror, I saw the reflection of a dark-skinned dude leaning against the wall with hands folded across his chest. He was primly dressed in jean trousers, a designer blue t-shirt with a middle finger drew on it. He had a face cap on so I couldn’t make out his facial features until he pulled away from the wall and stepped into the dim florescent light housed by the club bathroom. He was cute, at least that was what I saw from my blurred vision.

“I’ve been watching you on the dance floor. You are a great dancer” he flattered as he stood beside me.

“Thanks” I answered trying to fix my hair which from my fogged vision looked horrifying.

“I would like to dance with you, if you don’t mind” he asked politely, spinning to rest his back on the sink.

“Sorry…I don’t wanna dance anymore” I grumbled.

“Oh it’s cool…how about we make out?” he asked now eyeing me. I froze as I tried to understand the question.

“You wanna make out right?” he asked again, quietly this time, almost like a whisper. I considered his words again…

Make out…right?

Sure why not?

It’s right, isn’t it?

I opened my purse, brought out a cigarette stick and stuck it in my mouth but I couldn’t find my lighter.

“You shouldn’t smoke you know…It’s not good for your health” he advised pointing out the lighter which was right in front of me the whole time.

“Yeah? And what do you know is good for my health?” I asked still trying to make out his features. He had a huge grin on his lip. Made him look younger than the age I was suspecting him to be. Twenty-nine…thirty-ish?

“Great sex, which I can guarantee you” he answered as he stood and took my hands. “Come with me, want to show you something“, he continued as he led me out of the bathroom and then out of the club.

It was chilly outside as we walked into a tiny building behind the club, something like a cubicle just within the fenced compound. It was a convenient blind spot from the security lights illuminating the place.

“Welcome to my favorite place here at this club” He announced as he put his arms around me, and then started to kiss my neck.

“Hmm…you smell nice. Can I take off your blouse? ” he asked looking into my eyes as if searching for a clue to change his mind.

My response was a shrug.

“And your skirt?” he asked again but he felt me hesitate.

“It’s okay; we can stop if you want to. We can just sit here and talk you know?” he insisted with a faint smile. I said nothing. He halted for a minute; when I made no move to answer, he unzipped my skirt.


I felt my world stop revolving as I stopped at the door just before I was about to turn the door knob. In utmost dubiety, I stood in awe listening to the conversation swiveling on the other side of the door and then I took a peek through the door knob…

Could I be mistaken? Isn’t that Leo? Wasn’t he supposed to be at the car rentals this morning? I muttered as I bent over.

Lo and behold, there stood my brother and my soon to be husband.

“Just one more time Segun, please” I heard my brother Leo whisper to Segun, my husband to be.

“No, I can’t anymore. We promised we were gonna end this last night. You promised” Segun answered obviously disheveled. I could see him sweating from the door.

What the hell is going on? I wondered as I willed my feet to move but somehow they wouldn’t come to life; neither would my hands.

“Just one more time. I promise…no more after this” Leo pleaded

“No no…Stop…Please stop. I don’t want Lizzy finding out…Please.. You know how much I love your sister. This would hurt her.” Segun pleaded as he struggled to keep my brother’s fingers off his zipper.

Wait! What?

“Don’t worry she won’t find out I promise. She’s in her apartment getting dressed for the wedding. Told her I was going out to see if the car arrangement was coming through. So please don’t worry, she doesn’t know anything”

“Are you sure? See…my guys will be here soon to get ready for the wedding, my wedding to your sister and I don’t want any one seeing us in such an awkward position, please” Segun pleaded.

“That’s why I want us to get it done quick, okay? We can do it here, sharp sharp.” Leo insisted unzipping Segun’s shorts. Before Segun could protest further, Leo had dropped down and taken him in his mouth.

I screamed…


“Madam! Wake up! Wake up!”I felt a kick land on my thigh as I rolled over on the floor, wiping the tears that had escaped from my eyes.

“See this Ashewo o! Come, them tell you say this place na hotel?” an arrogant looking man dressed in battered clothes, spattered out.

“Come on, get out from this place!” he roared as he kicked off what seemed to be my clothes. I staggered up having what felt like a pang in my head. Trying to ignore it, I hurriedly threw on my clothes and shambled out of the building and there before me, stood daylight.

Another freaky day

12 thoughts on “The Morning Before” by Kycee Q (@KyceeQ)

  1. @KyceeQ Sounds so real. I like the erotica of it. Well done

    1. thanks…thanks for reading

  2. Hmm!! I don’t know what to make out of this installment but one thing is sure Tis going to be a superb piece.
    Booking my seat and clamouring for more.

    1. aww..thanks darling but its a flash…not a series..I’m glad you enjoyed it though

  3. Can’t you make an exception? This would do just great if you stretch it a bit more.
    Anyways, well done.

    1. thanks dear…i really wish i could..i can be very lazy…lolx…

  4. i enjoyed this seriously, and I believe more is to come? These are two stories in one, right?

    1. nah its just one…requires mental work to piece them together…

  5. Well written. And I learnt some new words–big words.

    * I guess she took a peek through the keyhole, not the door knob.

  6. lolx @namdi you and I know its not…because its not edited…and thank you plenty for pointing out that huge mistake…almost lost my breath when i saw it…You’re d best…muah!

  7. nice one..seems i was watching a movie though.
    a kind of “3D write-up”.

    1. Lolx..glad you enjoyed it

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