The Betrayer

Dipo and Diya have been friends since you could remember your first name. I mean, even if you were older than they are, then their friendship were forged in heaven. They lived in the same neighbourhood, went to the same Primary School, the same Secondary School, the same University, different States for their Youth service, and they worked in the same company after serving their fatherland.

People said they were inseparable, but they were very different. Apart from their Nicknames where Dipo was called D1, and Diya was known as D2, D1 was a very brilliant guy while D2 was average. That aside, D1 was a Christian based on his family religion, but D2 was an atheist- a love he found while in the University, yet, they went on fine. D1’s extravagant lifestyle didn’t deter D2 for once, neither was his early promotion which made D2 some sort of a junior officer to D1. They were fine, until….

One day, while, at their usual local pepper soup joint, Dipo told Diya about a plan to be actualized that will make them super rich- a fraud! Diya declined to be a part, and it dragged on for weeks.

“This is funny, you’re not even a Christian”, D1 said one day after work. He was sitting by the edge of D2’s table. “I have been trying to convince you just because you are my friend, and the other wouldn’t take part since you are the only one out. They thought you might rat out on them”.

“D1, you know me”, Diya began, “I won’t do this, and it is not in my style to go rat you out. You guys do whatever you want to do, and have a good rest of mind. You’re safe with me. No one will know”.

“You have always said that, but that wasn’t the problem here. We agreed on just one thing, and…”

“I told you I won’t do that, okay?” Diya reaffirmed. “How do you guys expect me to put in my signature into what I don’t want to be part of?”

“Then collect the money!” D1 insisted. “At least, that means…”

“It means I am part of it; but no, I am not interested”. D2 maintained, and there was a heavy fog of silence that spoke too loud between them. It lingered on from that moment and a long time to come. D2 tried talking to D1 many times, but he will only hum, grunt or grumble as a reply. Dipo believed Diya was nothing but a hypocrite because he believed as an atheist he shouldn’t be talking about morals.

Just six months later, Dipo was sacked after the fraud was traced back to his office. Everyone whose signature was found on the list was also shown the door. Diya was made the Head of Department where Dipo once held. This made Dipo convinced himself that it was a plan actuated by Diya. Diya has betrayed him, he thought to himself every day and every night until he got lonely, depressed, obsessed and dejected. These brewed hatred within him, and he hated Diya with all his heart. He refused to pick D2’s call or listen to his pleas through many text messages to hear him out.

Then one day, Dipo resolved to a fetish way to destroy his friend’s life and he did his. So, he picked a day to visit the witch doctor. But as fate will have it, the night prior to his day of visit, there was a preacher on the TV who talked about people who betrayed themselves but blamed it on others, or God to be easier. And somehow, this made sense to Dipo. He thought about how Diya had stood his ground and shunned evil while he betrayed himself by embracing it. He felt ashamed of himself and accepted his fault in this matter. He said to himself,

“Even if D1 sold me out, then I was the one who gave him what to sell. I betrayed myself”.

Just about time, Diya called again, and Dipo picked. He apologized before Diya could say ‘hello’. Diya was confused at first, but believed his friend’s intention was clear. He went to the point,

“Dipo, I’m glad that you finally heard me out, and I am glad that you realized I didn’t do this, but there is an issue that requires your urgency. Our boss has been sacked; he was sacked based on fraud. The headquarters wants me to find a consultant to act as a proxy in his place; one that could make the decisions for a long time. The CEO said he doesn’t care which company handles it, he just want it done. You still have the company you registered a few years back?”

“Yes, I do”. Dipo replied in anticipation, in whispers.

“Then mail a proposal to my desk asking to get the job of the consulting company. You got the job already, okay? I couldn’t think of a more brilliant guy to make the decision. You know, if you haven’t done the fraud, you would be made the boss by now. I wasn’t made the Boss because I had little experience in this office. The job has been on for months, I held it down for you; I knew you will come around. Nevertheless, my friend, I am glad you are back!”

Did Dipo cry?
He sure did and was really ashamed of himself.

You might not get a second chance as Dipo did, so, live a good life. It doesn’t hurt. Learn how not to betray yourself.

8 thoughts on “The Betrayer” by KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

  1. A story with a moral lesson–relevant for all age groups, but the young ones, I assume, would find it more interesting.

    “Even if D1 sold me out, then I was the one who gave him what to sell. I betrayed myself.” . . . I’m sure it ought to be, “Even if D2 . . . “

    1. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

      wow! that’s true.
      my bad…and too bad it couldn’t be edited after publication.

      thank you

  2. Nice story.not everyone has another opportunity.

  3. Beautiful…not all atheists are corrupted morally, there is a heart, there is a conscience…God didn’t make a mistake when he gave us one.

    Good job.

  4. Great lesson. I was touched really. More grace bro.

  5. If there’s anything, or one thing, I pray and strive to maintain, it’s my integrity.

    A colleague in my workplace once challenged me that I wouldnt hold on to my one-wife integrity. Of course, I’m never married, but I’ll sure prove him. This is all about choice.

    I hope everyone would just have an area of integrity, not living life spontaneously.

    Thanks, bro. You really touched someone.

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