Rest On My Dear Friend

A Tribute to Ambe Milcah


So it wasn’t a fairy after all

Neither was I dreaming as I thought.

It wasn’t one of those fake posts

We always see on facebook.

Like faint shadows

In an afternoon dream,

So I did receive the news

Of your forever journey

Never to return.


When you left the shores

Of this country,

You told me something,

That you might not come back;

I never understood

And kept arguing with you,

I have finally lost this argument.



My face is dark

My heart bleeds heavily

My voice is faint

My mind roams aimlessly

My thought is lost

My hand shivers

And I’m lost of lyrics to put to paper.


Your sweet voice

Is all my ears can hear

The thought of you

Brings back those moments

Forever moments shared with you

All those songs sang together

Those discussions held

And stories you told me about yourself

I can still remember

That laughter

Those smiles on your face

That night at C – Block.


I didn’t keep my promise

Neither did you

That promise we made over the phone

We promised to beat each other

In our lyrical contest of friendship

In the contest of songs

Putting lyrics to voice

Not for once did I ever imagine

That promise wasn’t to be fulfilled

At least not here on earth!


I’m not done yet

That song we rehearsed

We’ve not sang

Oh Milky

As I fondly called you

There were lots of songs

Songs we promised to learn

Songs we promised to voice

In the studio


There were lots of other things

That we didn’t do

Concerts we didn’t attend

Sports we didn’t participate.

In you, Milky

I did find a friend

One who understands me

Even when others don’t

A friend

Who stick closer like a sister

One who always call when I’m lonely

One who fed me when I’m hungry

And gave me juice when I’m thirsty

Your words of advice

Still pierce through me

Through the windows of my mind

Indeed Milky

You were and remain a true Friend!


I can imagine you

In those white robes

With those heavenly host

That Angelic Choir

I can imagine

The Victor’s crown

On your head

Hallelujah you shall forever sing

Till we join in the forever Choir

To sing and sing

Till eternity!


I wish to write more and even more

But words have failed me

You’ll forever remain engraved

In my heart


Rest on my dear Friend!

(Died July, 2014)

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