Hi everyone,

It is unfortunate that I have to announce the discontinuation of my posts on naijastories, due to discovering, much to my displeasure, my first chapter “War” being posted on another site by another Nigerian named Raj, as his own work.  See link below.

It is possible that this Raj, is a frequent reader on here and it pains me that someone will come to a site, lift off the hard earned intellectual property of another person and display it as their own with no conscience whatsoever.

This is his facebook page as well:

Phone number: 08149290726

Please flag this person as much as you can for it could happen to you too.  At the administrators I strongly advise re-engineering your back-end so nobody can copy people’s works freely, from your site.

Thanks to all those who have supported me on here.  Your love and support has been much appreciated.



25 thoughts on “Plagiarism” by Kel (@KelWriter)

  1. Quite sad.

    @ogaoga, I don’t know–not the words of an expert–how re-engineering can prevent a person from copying what belongs to another. If there are other means to protect one’s work–even when it has been copied–it would be well appreciated.

    All the best, Kel.

    1. At namdi it is very possible. I am on Wattpad right now where I currently share my works and you can choose to protect your work by reserving your copyright and what happens is no one can go there and copy – paste. It’s just by disabling and setting page permissions. Read, Write, Edit and the like. It’s very possible to do. And they should consider it. I know that Content Management platforms like Joomla and WordPress provide such capabilities.

    2. And @namdi, thanks very much for the well wishes. It’s sad it had to come to this but one has to protect their work from people like Raj.

      1. Do you know that one of your stories was read last night on air, Smooth fm 98.1, Lagos? I don’t think that’s bad, as your work was well received by the listeners–through tweets, phone calls, Facebook messages–and your name was well mentioned as the writer–Kel, from

        1. Huh? What? When? How? Okay PM me lol.

  2. It’s too bad and unfair. Sadly I don’t know how it can be stopped.

    1. By voicing out, @Chijy. Brother, too many times, we Nigerians see our fellas doing the wrong thing and keep quiet. We voice out and call out until action is taken! For instance, not one response from admin yet on this. Not one mass post from Admin yet informing other posters that there is a threat to their intellectual works. It shouldn’t be that way.

      1. I’m totally with you on that @KelWriter

  3. Is hard to stop it oh and it pains when your hard earn word is been shared without your approval.

    You just have to live by it tho. #plagiarism

    1. Thanks @majiri, but if you read my earlier comment to another fellow poster, it’s just like I said. I DON’T HAVE to live by it. If we have to accept every wrong doing and not stand our grounds together, in stomping it out, then this world would be hellacious. That’s the problem with the country right now. We willingly live by and tolerate the wrong things.

  4. We should all try to trace the offender and correct him!!! Not just comment and wish pls

    @poster, this is not NS admin’s fault. Anybody can copy and paste anything from any site, no matter the technical protection.

    Do your best to trace and alert the offender.
    I’m also doing that right away…

    Good luck

    1. Hey @levuz Thanks so much.
      I’m not saying this is the Admin’s fault. But if I’m posting on your platform, and putting my intellectual property on your platform, as much as you’ve provided me a platform to boost my work, know that our collective works make your platform worthwhile and as such, we have every right to let admin know that there is a vulnerability on your platform. It is their responsibility to provide a secure and anti-plagiarism environment. So I’m calling for action. Not pointing blame fingers.

  5. Wow! That’s one other thing that scares me… someone stealing my work and posting it as theirs. I’ll help as much as I can alright, Kel

    1. Thank you so much @ufuomaotebele
      It is really scary and it really hurts when it happens cos you know what you did to create something like that. And someone insults it by posting it as theirs? It’s just baffling. Thanks so much for the help. :)

  6. thre re ways to disable copy function on php. Try seaching 4plugins Or codes of such.

    1. There definitely are. I don’t know if we have that much granular control of the backend with our accounts on naijastories though.

  7. this is atrocious. Every writer’s work is like a baby born out of your labour of love. No one can just or should just steal that. I will check out the guy’s link too and do my bit. sorry, kel

  8. @namdi, @chijy, @majiri, @ufuomaotebele, @joegfred, @levuz, and for everyone else who will eventually read this, can we all please take a step further and visit the link and post comments about the work being a stolen work. I just did. I believe if we clamour for the page to be taken down, the site administrator might do something about it. Thanks for having each other’s back.

    1. I even found the guy on FB… I was really calm.when I spoke to him and he immediately sent me a friend request until I fired him up about stealing someone else’s work and he’s stop talking… he’s an ass.

      1. He is. In the meantime, I am on Wattpad now guys. You should all check it out and if @ufuomaotebele, @folakemi, @joegfred, @levuz, @chijy, and @namdi, you guys want the link to my profile there or even better, join yourselves, just PM me and I’ll send it to you. Copyright is so much better and reach is GREATER. Again I wanted to embrace a platform like this even more so but the truth is it’s gotta be more secure. Thanks for the support. He has not responded to me, or taken it down. There is no Gist212 call back number and the admin of has said nothing about maybe pushing on that platform or any feedback whatsoever. It’s appalling. But it’s alright. It won’t happen again. You guys however, are the best. Your support on this has been phenomenal. Please spread the word about this guy. He should be exposed.

  9. wow! this is not a good report at all. I noticed @kelwriter‘s absence here tho, didnt know twas this. I’ll check the link now, that Raj’s F-up needs to be treated big time. you’ve made the job easier by getting his full details: facebook and phone number. *calling him right away.

  10. Tried posting a comment as to the identity of the real author there severally, but it keeps giving me crap about needing to enable cookies and javascript. Mind you, I already enabled them on my browser.

    Although a certain “Laura” already has, so its all good, I guess.

  11. @kel. may i have ur number or email adrss.

  12. i’m sorry, but all my works are free to be copied and used anywhere; they are not really what i keep for myself. if i post a thing here, it means i had it on my blog last night.

    besides, it will be nice if people copy your works since you signed off to make it public in the first place, it makes you go far. you have every right to sue this guy cos the works appreared first with your name on it.

    but if he made reference, well…

    1. @acmesuccess007

      If you don’t mind your work being copied then that’s your preference with what others do with your work. Copied and plagiarizing, are two different things. Works get copied all the time. But they reference the original. I had seen a bunch of my chapters put on other blogs but there would be a reference to me by my name or my username on the website. But if you are saying that you are okay with someone taking your work and putting it up as theirs with an all rights reserved tag at the bottom of it, then I find it very hard to believe you on that.

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