Payback Pt 4

“Guy who be that babe?” Larry asked excitedly.
Tunde looked in the direction where Larry’s gaze was focused on.
“Geez, she’s hot. I don’t mind licking her toes from now till eternity”,Larry said.
Tunde just looked at Larry with a smile, that beautified his face;he sipped his drink as the glass kissed his lips.

“Why are you smiling?” Larry asked with a feeling of embarrassment
“Nothing bro. Nothing”, Tunde replied.

“So….?” Larry asked.
“Dude, she’s already taken”, Tunde said with a wink.
“Na wa for you oh. You and babes”, Larry said disapointedly

“That’s me I gat em’ locked down”, Tunde bragged.

Tunde was a lady’s man He was known all over campus. He was the editor of the school magazine, ‘The Clarion’. In addition to that he was the leader of a musical rap group called, ‘Rapid Fire’. The bottom line was that, he was a popular bloke on school.This made his profile as regards womanizing, so rich.

One time he was almost killed because he was dating the babe of a cultist. His saving grace was that he had sat for a paper for one of the cult member’s friend without collecting a dime. So you can add intelligence to his profile.

Most students thought it would down Tunde’s dexterity for skirt chasing; instead it invigorated him to enhance his CV as a skirt chaser.

Larry didn’t take his buddy’s womanizing activities as an issue as long as it didn’t bring a rift in their friendship. They were best of friends right from their post-primary days. It started when they were in Junior Secondary School.


Larry was from a well to do family. He had a driver that brought him to school and took him back home everyday. But the same could not be said of Tunde who trekked to school anytime he was not given transport fare to school.
Then,Tunde wondered why a boy of his calibre was attending a public school. He expected a boy of Larry’s status to attend one of the posh secondary schools around. Tunde believed Larry shouldn’t be in such a school because he felt, Larry was going to intimidate them with his lovely shoes, expensive bag and his well ironed uniform, that was not worn out and torn because he had about five pairs of uniform. The reverse was the case with Tunde.

In class, Larry mingled easily with everyone; and Tunde wondered how he managed to do it; he expected that Larry would be pompous and arrogant because of his status.

Most of Tunde’s friends wondered why Tunde was not relating with Larry. But none of them ventured to ask. They knew better than to ask.

But it all changed the day Larry connived with Tunde to commit a mischieve on a senior. Tunde was a very mischievious and stuborn boy. The reason why most times he got into trouble. The same could be said of Larry. Larry’s was worse.

It was break time and everyone was out on the field playing while some were in the classroom indulging themselves with one game or the other.

“Senior Bolaji is calling you”, a scrawny looking boy told Tunde.

Tunde looked at him.

“Why me”, he asked.

“He said that I should call any boy that is in Jss one”, the boy said

“Are you not in jss one? Why didn’t you offer yourself?” Tunde asked.
“I am not in jss one”, the boy replied with a hint of pride in his voice that did not go unnoticed by Tunde.

Tunde said nothing. He just stared hard at him. It was an intimidating stare. Tunde was bigger than the boy and the boy appeared scared.

“I am in jss three”, the boy said timidly.

Tunde looked defeated. He had to go but not before scaring the scrawny lad away with a scowl.

Tunde giggled as the boy scampered away like a rat who was being chased by a cat. He gained alot of satisfaction from that.

Senior Bolaji was the headboy and he was very strict just as he was very nice. He was loved by almost everyone in the school and hated by a few.

Tunde went reluctantly because he was playing a game with his friends in class. It was a game where a divided was placed on a desk at both ends and a crown cork is made to go through the middle using the cover of a pen.

“Here I am”, he said frowning.
“Senior Bolaji looked at him as Tunde stood in the middle of the class with his frowning face.
“This boy bold oh. See as him dey look. Him no fear sef”, Senior Bolaji’s classmate said in pidgin. Pidgin was mostly spoken among the seniors, even though it was an offence.

“Go to the food shed and get me some snacks and soft drinks.

Tunde took the money from him.

“I don’t know why they can’t go and get it themselves”, he grumbled as he was leaving their presence.

Unlucky for him one of the seniors heard.


The palms of one of the seniors connected with Tunde’s right and left dark cheek.

“You dare grumble right here in this place? Ah! You don die for here”, the senior that slapped him said.

“Kneel”, another senior said. This senior scared Tunde because he had a deep scar on his right cheek and fore-head. The type you get from a broken bottle, knife or a machete, during a street fight.

A small crowd of students gathered around the class; watching as the seniors dealt with Tunde.

The seniors did not chase the students away. They allowed them to watch so that they could learn from the student who had erred.

As Tunde was crying with the desk he carried over his head as he was kneeling, Larry walked in with some snacks and a bottle of soft drink in his hand. Tunde was crying profusely but he did not appear like pleading for mercy.

“You wan show us say you strong abi? Okay na. Your own don, don today”, a senior said.

Senior Bolaji said nothing all the while. He just continued with the book that he was reading.

The break lasted for an hour and Tunde spent forty-five minutes sweating, crying and enduring the barage of canning and slaps that the seniors doled out on him.

As the bell was rung, some of the seniors that were prefects had to go out to send the students into their classes or else they won’t leave the football or games that they were playing on the field because it was their duty. This was Tunde’s saving grace. Besides that he would have continued the punishment untill a teacher probably came in to teach the seniors. But if it was the day that a teacher decided not to come to the class, that student would have to use alot of pain relievers when he got home. The senior boys hardly punished girls except the exceptionally stuborn ones who grew up on the street.

He was released but he still had to run the errand that got him into the mess.

“Tell any senior that you meet there that it is the headboy that sent you

As he got to the food shed he met Larry there. Larry was about leaving for the classroom so as to avoid being caught and punished by the Food Prefect, for not leaving the food shed after hearing the Time keeper had screamed,”Breeeeeeak over”.

“Sorry, Tunde”, Larry offered his sympathy.
Larry said nothing. He was too tired to speak.

“I hate Senior Bolaji. I don’t like him anymore.

“Hmmmm… “, Tunde sighed and was about leaving after taking the items from the chubby looking woman.

“Hmmmmm….. Tunde are you thinking what I am thinking? Larry asked.

Tunde looked at him with a scowl and said


“Lets get back at them”, Larry offered

Slowly, a wild grin started to form on Tunde’s face and Larry contracted it as his mischievious mind went into action.

“Its payback time”, Tunde said.

Larry with his face that was stained with oil from the doughnut that he ate just giggled. The kind of giggle a girl made after a guy had told her he likes the way she smiles and also the shape of her lips.

Senior Bolaji got to the class expecting to meet his snacks and drink waiting for him but it was nowhere to be found.

“Pobosky, shey that boy never come back with the stuffs?”, he asked one of his class mates.
“No oh. The bit never show”, Ayo aka Pobosjy replied.

It is true what they say, that,”an hungry man is an angry man”. Both situations do not go well when you do not have where to channel the anger to but its a good combo when you have a place to channel the anger most especially if it is a jss one boy who had made away with your money or your snacks and drinks. It was a prank that most junior students performed in school, especially those ones who were expected to stay on an empty stomach from morning till the close of the day because their parents are too poor to give them money or food to school.

Due to such theft now becomes a norm in most classes. If it wasn’t money that was missing then it would be someones food flask or snacks. If you were lucky enough you would meet your food flask in good health but it would be empty of the mouth watering delicacy that your parents wanted you to enjoy. Woe betide such an unlucky student if he or she came to school without money or if the transport money was part of the money that was meant for food or snacks.

Bolaji went to the food shed to find out what was keeping Tunde but the place was empty of students.

His face was crest fallen, because he was so hungry. He always got to school as early as 6:30 in the morning which made him have less appetite to eat and it was seen as a babyish act if a senior boy is bringing a food flask or cooler to school. What most seniors would do was to go to food sellers around the school to eat; there was alot of such food joints around. The Headboy would never leave his duty post. He had to lead by example so most times he had to wait untill break time before he ate anything.

Inspite of his hungry state he still managed a smile. That smile that says, “there is light at the end of the tunnel”. It was a sinister smile. That one that makes you start to strategize how you are going treat the sin of someone who has erred you.

The only money on him was his transport fare except he wanted to do the one hour thirty minutes trek home.

“Hmmmmm….”, he sighed

He got to the class and asked four of his prefects to follow him after filling them in on the situation.

It was a good thing that he knew where to start with his search. He still had a vivid image of the dark, oblong face, broad nose, small, well shaped ears and the tiny lips of Tunde.

When Bolaji and his fellow prefects got to the jss one block that was made up of five arms ( jss one A-E) with about seventy five students in each class, he told the other prefects to guard the classes to prevent anyone from leaving the class.

Luckily for Bolaji and unluckily for the small bandit, Tunde, there was no teacher in the class.

As Bolaji started his search from jss one A, Larry was on his seat in jss one D, hoping and praying that the hungry senior does not recognise Tunde.
Because if he did, Senior Bolaji would be a nightmare that he would have to face not in his sleep but in full consciousness.

“God’s save me”, Tunde said as his eyes met Larry’s.

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  1. Hmmm! Tunde is done for! This is lyk a memoir to some of us who did such misdemeanour. sorry is the case for Tunde if Snr Bolaji recognises him #wafekulaleyi

  2. Looks like Tunde’s clock of good luck has finally run out. Chai! Good story Onome Prime Tadafe. Good one. Waiting to find out what happens next.

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