Ode To My Sleeping Father


I’ll sing a hymn to you, dear father,

Who slept and now rests in the land of wonder

Man of honour, O man of gold

Endowed with the wisdom of times of old

A priceless treasure you were to us

Hence, dazed are we, by your sudden loss


The tale of your exit pierced my heart

It skipped not one, but several beats

And distant yearnings sprung in my soul

I wished I had the sorcerer’s gift

Then I’d give to you the kiss of life

I wished that tears could give you breath

Then I’d collude with the rains of Heaven

And weep for you an endless sea


My heart could not contain its sorrow

I feared your absence in my tomorrow

Your kith and kindred grieved all day

 But the Heavens rejoiced as you slipped away

In haste they brought the dazzling lace

A plus you are to the Holy race



Who can fill this yawning vacuum?

Who can rival your fatherly love?

Your memories are forever fresh

Your life bespoke of selflessness

You led us to the fount of wealth

But finding that its flow was scant

Yourself, you denied that we might drink

While your tongue was patched with thirst


The celestial trumpets resound with hymns

To you, this day that filled your dreams

Flipped are the pages of the Holy Book

And the Cherubs convene to have a look

Lo! The golden ink has penned your name

Your life will never be the same!


Yet my heart will forever grieve

And by your memories’ side, I’ll always cleave

I pray I’m saved by the Savior’s grace

And once more feel your dear embrace

But till that moment comes to me

Rest in peace and celestial glee


                                       In  memory of my beloved father, Mr. Patrick Anichebe

3 thoughts on “Ode To My Sleeping Father” by Anichebe, Uche (@Splendour)

  1. Sad. I don’t want to feel such pain but even I know no one lives forever… memories don’t even live that long.

  2. so beautiful and so sad. Touched my heart

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