My Girlfriend’s Diary


It was a fancy book.

One of those thick covered note books that had like hundred leaves in them and across the pages, a big ‘2015” was inscribed on it, in red ink.

The book was brown, obviously leather-made with a belt across; but in front, towards the right corner of the book was a thick crested symbol with the name “J’s journal” written on it and as luck would have it, Chidinma was holding like a whole box of them.

Lucky me, I thought sarcastically as I drained the last pinch of my gin.

“What the hell am I supposed to do with this? I asked angrily, flinging the book to the other side of the sitting room. It landed just right behind the refrigerator.

“Jesus, Chris!” Chidinma yelled “what the hell did you do that for?” She scolded dropping the box of journals on my glass table that stood in the middle of my sitting room and ran towards the direction of the book. I watched with amusement as Chidinma struggled to pull it out.

“I don’t understand why she would ask you to bring all these rubbish to me. Take it back!” I commanded not giving two fucks about what anyone had to say. Josephine and I were done and that was the end of it.

“I can’t!” Chidinma insisted, picking up the book and putting it back in the box.

“What do you mean by you can’t?” I asked turning sharply at her and for the first time, I noticed her and she looked different. She looked a lot shorter than the last time I saw her with her timid eyes sparklingly red as if she’d been crying for days over something or someone.

Did Jacob break up with her too? I wondered amusingly as I noticed that her thick black hair was drawn back in a ponytail for the first time.

Hmmmm I thought

Her face was holding a giant scowl that was obviously meant to scare me to accept the box but I didn’t want it; not now, not ever; not even if I was going to be made the president of the country for it.

“What do you mean by you can’t?” I asked again, standing to refill my empty glass.

“Because I just can’t” Chidinma answered stubbornly, and she looked like she was going to say more but eventually didn’t.

Turning abruptly, she hurried out of my sitting room.

“Hey! Hey…where the hell do you think you are going?” I asked ruthlessly as I rushed to stop her but she was already racing through my compound and was now at the other side of my gate.

“Oh come on Dinma…Come and take that bloody junk out of my house. I don’t have space for it” I pleaded with a smirk stopping in front of the gate and taking another sip from my glass cup.

“I’m so sorry Chris” she said pulling the gate opened and turning around to take a brief look at me and I saw almost everything in a flash and nearly lost my breath.

The look of dismay and anguish on the Dinma’s face scared the crap out of me. The sorrows in her hooded lashes brought shivers to my body.

Something had happened

“What happened Dinma?” I asked in a whisper as my insides began to crunch with fear. “What the bloody hell happened? I yelled impatiently.

“I’m so sorry Chris” Dinma apologized yet again and I wanted to strangle her but her face had vanished from the gate.

I struggled out of the gate and watched her walk down the street, her head cast down and her shoulders arching, as she walked.

I stood contemplating what to do

and then, it hit me. It hit me like a thunder bolt..


My Josephine is dead….


To be continued

Prologue of “My girlfriend’s diary”: A story i am presently working on as a tribute to my late friend PoeticNone-Knee Treasure Anyakwo I

Rest in Peace my darling…..


6 thoughts on “My Girlfriend’s Diary” by Kycee Q (@KyceeQ)

  1. More inspiration to complete the story. So sad when a young person with a lot of promise dies.

    An error or two is not a big deal, but when it goes beyond that, one becomes worried–edit a little more.

  2. This is sad indeed. Please tag me to the next instalment. And as @namdi said, edit and proofread more astutely next time.

    Keep writing

  3. Awww! RIP to her. waiting patiently for the next episodes.

  4. good…cnt wait ffor d next one…..a gal whosr books wr nt fit to stay in ur house……she’s dead now n she’s bccom ‘my Josephine’…..

  5. can’t wait to read more of it. Nice style, anyway!

  6. I hope your friend rests in peace. As for the story, it sure has promise and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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