Letters to Romeo (Pt 2)

My darling Romeo,

Today makes it 6months and 24days since you have been gone. Each passing day, I hope for your return. I miss you so much that every time my phone rings, I wish it was you calling me. My heart still wants only you and no one else. It is amazing how you understand my complex nature so well within a limited time of our friendship. So if you ever let me go, you’re out of your mind *laughs*.

We have always had our moments but I guess we were been shy to take that great leap. I am not saying I am perfect and neither will our love be. There will be ups and downs and we have got a lot to learn. I am willing to put our friendship to bed and cross that line to being lovers; because we can never know unless we try. Regardless of my feelings, I need to know your stand.

Do you ever think about me? Does your heart call out for me? Do you still feel the same? Or has time put out the flame? Is it to late? Or is there a chance for us? These questions I need answers to because I am going crazy with  assumptions.

Mama has been asking of late; to bring home my boyfriend. I consistently tell her; soon. You remember my auntie, the one I told you about some time ago. Yes! That same one. She tried match-making me with one of her friend’s son. He seemed like a nice guy but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be with him; I couldn’t love him; I couldn’t live a lie. My heart has totally blocked out every other guy because it’s filled with love for you. My girls keep telling me to move on; to snap out of my fantasy; to find someone else but I can’t, I’m gone in the brain.

So Romeo, give a little time to me. Give me love like never before. I want the taste your lips allow. I want the comfort your arms curled around me gives. Oh darling Romeo, please put me out of this dilemma and tell me what it’s going to be. Would there be an “us” or not?

Hugs and kisses,
Your Juliet.

7 thoughts on “Letters to Romeo (Pt 2)” by olamiotan (@olamiotan)

  1. This might come harsh to you. After reading I realized creativity was lacking in this piece.
    It was too ordinary for me.

    Now I have an issue with this part of the letter

    “We have always had our moments but I guess
    we were been shy to take that great leap”

    I remember clearly; in the firsr part, Juliet was the one that was scared of taking that leap.

    But in this letter you are saying that Romeo was. Contrasting. Don’t you think?

    I knew an issue will come up as regards the continuity of this piece cos you said it was a letter and not a story.

    But if you had put the story in the letter, then you have found something to write that would make your readers want more.

    Probably you would have ended it in the first part cos it appeared it was the end. Cos there was no suspense. There was nothing to look forward to.

    Pardon me if my comments sounds offensive.

    I believe you can do better than this.

    Keep on writing.

  2. @thaprince *breathes heavily* your comment is harsh but well deserved I suppose. It was a rushed piece and it wasn’t suppose to have a concluding part. But all been said, I appreciate your sincerity and will work more towards my next post.

    Regardless of that, I love this piece tho. I guess it is not about me but about my readers. *smiles*

    Thank you for reading.

  3. When you mentioned that you are going to write another letter, I got worried–sincerely. The first letter was enough. And I was surprised when I saw this piece, as it came too fast–hurried, rushed.

    Sincerely, I liked the first letter. This one, I don’t. It’s better to exit the stage when the ovation is at its peak. This piece just kept you standing long after the ovation had died.

  4. @namdi thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. I guess, I crucified myself with this second piece.

  5. (@olamiotan): I am sorry that it was but I have to tell every writer the truth and I also expect others to critic me the same way or more.

    Keep on writing.

  6. They said it all!

    Keep on with your Good Work.

  7. @thaprince @majority thank you, I appreciate.

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