Finding Tade

Finding Tade

I look to the seas, the seven seas

To find my love, to find Tade

A thousand sunrises light my hope

As tenthousand sunsets blow it out

My heart mourns, it weeps

For my runaway soldier

His charming voice caresses my ears

Like poetry from the royal bard

But in the morning it all fades

As dew dispelled by sun’s hot light

They say I’m mad,yea,they point gnarled fingers

But still, I seek my love

Beads adorn my neck

A thousand beads engage my waist

In playful banter of the bata dance

My eyes grow dim with the night

But yet, I’m not tired

This mound of earth beckons

They say my Tade lies there

Liars! Cheats! Sniveling fools!

And yet my heart is light

As I continue my daunting task

Of finding Tade

2 thoughts on “Finding Tade” by simisolaade (@simisolaade)

  1. good use of false reality, Brilliant!

  2. Tnx @pierre7154 for stopping by…yh and thanks for being the first to comment on my first work

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