Everything wey Lepa do… The slim way

Its 2015 and a lot of us are realising staying fit is the way forward.

“Every thing wey lepa do, orobo go won do”

We want to go about in our crop tops showing our flat abs or bikini borry(Lol, that’s wah Funks calls it).

Back in Uni, I had this friend Minat (who is very gorgeous by the way), so she woke up one morning and was like “i have to start eating healthy so I am going to start rationing my food”. I saw her ration her food to smaller quantities but I also noticed she ate more times than normal, what I mean is she ate smaller sizes but like 5meals a day as opposed to the regular large sized meal but 3 times a day(1-1-1). I wasn’t sure if that was the way to go or maybe am wrong, if anyone knows the right way pls share.

I thought this was funny so am sharing ;

Things that help you stay slim:

1)exposure to moderate bright light in the morning helps you stay slim

2)eat with opposite hand e.g you are right handed, eat with left it would help you not pick too many things

3)chewing chillis(peppers) helps speed up metabolism

4)have sweet pudding in the morning (lol. In naija? Good luck)

5)eat boring food till you are full that way you wouldn’t want anything else. Boring food can be anything you don’t like to eat. (This one would be hard for me cos I like to eat everything)

6)drop your fat friends because they double your chances of getting fat. Friends that stay slim/fashionable together stay together forever(true/false). Hello OluwaV, I ain’t dropping you for nothing mehn, you are my irreplaceable round fella.

7)dont use butter on your bread, use oliver oil instead (ewww)

8)move to an area where slim people live . Greetings to y’all on the island, God bless your jogging hustle.

Let me know which are going to subscribe to.

Disclaimer: I won’t be held responsible to wahever decision you all choose to take. Eat healthy, exercise at least 150mins a week.

Quote of the day: Many spend too much time dreaming of the future, never realizing that a little of it arrives everyday.

Credits: @mariaokan

9 thoughts on “Everything wey Lepa do… The slim way” by pendapearl (@pendapearl)

  1. #noted but I’ll want you to explain how fat friends will lead one to getting fat.

    1. First of, this is not advising you drop your big-sized friends. What it simply means is being accountable to someone, when you have a group in which you all agree to stay fit and eat healthy. Its easier not to fall back into the unhealthy ways… Thank you

  2. * By Funks, did u mean Funke Akindele? If that’s what you meant, I would say you did not get it correctly; it ought to be Jenifa, the character, not Funke.

    * It won’t hurt to type these in full: uni, pls, cos, wahever, wah.

    1. Hello Namdi,

      Funks is a nickname I gave my friend, wasn’t referring to “Jenifa”. *covers face* I didn’t even realize that I used shorthand, would be more careful.


  3. Lol…errors or not, I enjoyed it. This was made to be hilarious and you guys are spoiling the fun by raising eyebrows…
    True talk jare @pendapearl I like your ‘subtle’ facts, I wouldn’t advise my lady to follow them though…

    Well done.

  4. hello @praize ,

    Thank u so much for relating to my sense of humour. Am happy you enjoyed it and *Lol* at not your concluding statement. but eating healthy and 150mins a week of exercise is good advice Jo.

  5. @mariaokan
    jogging hustle, made me laugh…I see they’ve given up on treadmills?
    Eat less, exercise more…that simple..

  6. @aplusn … Well so it seems, plus the added advantage of this road jogging is people get to see you… Lol.

    1. Lol, that’s called good marketing! @pendapearl

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