Before Today

Nwajiugo Chidozie C.

Before Today:

I thought I would have wiped away your tears,
Maybe by now your dream about me must have been real,
That by now, you will look at my face and smile, at least that I am there,
I thought by now I would have changed your old cloth box,
Or maybe got you singing nothing but “He has done it again”.

Am I trying to make it happen too soon?
I don’t know if I am running faster than my shadows
Or is the time not yet ripe… tell me

It’s just that I am tired of seeing that beautiful worrying face,
Just that I can’t bear the pains in your worries anymore,
Just that I can’t wait to see real happiness in your smiles.

How I wish I can change the course of time,
How I wish I have the power to recreate nature,
Or at least have some dollars to change for you.

All these are nothing but dreams but I can’t stop dreaming about you till God in his infinite mercy,
who has all these powers I had wished for comes to our rescue.
Though as if he is not there I do my manly best and hope a day come when he blesses my hussles
and I will bed-rose your path, dearest.

If I do that, I know…
Our fathers will always celebrate me, I think,
And ready to welcome me when I close my eyes,
Because they ever wanted a child better than they are
And you are one they once looked upto.
You must be crowned.

You worth it……

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