Arise Oh Africa (AOA)

Arise Oh Africa (AOA)

Arise from the valley of bitterness, oh Africa!
Arise to the peak of sweetness.
Let war peacefully sleep on
As peace sings the lullaby.

The heart of my stomach gladens
When the stomach of my heart is filled.
Filled with the hope that Africa is rising
Rising like the morning sun and not setting.
Springing forth fresh fruits
Like trees beside the river.

The rivers are not just quenching our thirst
But drowning our fear by sailing away our sorrow.
Our tongues are filled to the brine
With testimonies calling for celebration
Feeding hungry ears with good news.

To keep hope alive
Is to live a life of hope.
Of hope stronger than the suicide rope.
Of hope telling you there’s always honey in the bee hive.

So, Arise oh Africa!
Pick up your sleeping mat.
Get out of the dark for the day is bright
Brighter than the street lights at night.

(c) Okeme Jerome

One thought on “Arise Oh Africa (AOA)” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. that was very depressing and an obsolete depiction of the African continent

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