Tales of Tera 12

” Small madam ! Small madam !! ” Sisi exclaimed after jamming Tera’s door shut. She couldn’t believe her ears; the loud noise of Tera’s whimpering was startling. She laid face down on her bed and covered her head with a pillow. Sisi sat next to her after bringing out a duvet from her wardrobe.

” Don’t worry. I’m fine. Its nothing. ” Tera responded in a muffled voice as she felt Sisi’s hand’s on her back; she was covering her with the duvet.

” Are you sure? ”

” Yes, I am. Please don’t tell mom about this,its nothing.. I’m very fine. ” She assured the concerned lady after rising up from her resting position.

” Okay.. My baby. ” She responded and dried Tera’s face with her warm palms before exiting the cinderella-themed room.


He woke up rather early the next morning for reasons he couldn’t quite explain. Flash backs of the previous night’s events hit him randomly thus causing him of have a re-think of some of the hasty decisions he had made in past times. He was jolted by a knock at the door; it was Yinka.

” Why do you look so ruffled? Are you alright? ” Yinka enquired after feasting on a handful of M&M’s.

” Not really. I don’t think I am. ”

” You don’t think? What could be the matter? ”

” Not to worry. I’ll be just fine. “.

” If you insist. Talking about fine people,I met with Tera this morning and..I was impressed. I’m thinking of starting up something with her. You don’t mind,do you? ”

” Suit yourself. ” He responded with a cold stare and turned away from Yinka. Mark’s best friend stared at him knowingly and nodded his head.

Mrs Akinwale felt very giddy and excited after receiving a phone call from Ireland; she couldn’t believe it ! Griselda was in town. She ran up to her first son’s room to share the good news with him. Her plans were finally falling into place.

” I’ve got good news for you dear . ” She affirmed heartily as she stepped into the room and sighted her two sons playing a video game. Their eyes remained glued to the television screen as the animated characters responded to the control settings on the game pad.

” I’m all ears,mum. ”

” Griselda is in town. She’ll be coming over tomorrow to pay us a visit. ”

” Huh? Why? I don’t … ” He yelled and dropped the game’s controller in anger. It was too late to respond; the woman had deliberately walked out of the room after passing the information.

” I win ! ” Richie harrumphed a loud laugh and patted his brother’s shoulders lightly. That was the least of Mark’s concerns; all that was running
through his mind was Giselda’s sudden arrival. He made a call to inform Yinka and Team Luminous,and jammed his eyes shut in a forceful bid to fall asleep. He hoped Nick wasn’t aware,if he was,chances were,Mark’s prospects weren’t really promising,and he was sure to expect a back-lash aimed at Tera.


Mark awakened rather late the next day ; he had battled with insomnia at night; thoughts of Tera and Griselda’s sudden arrival inevitably ran through his mind,and prevented him from thinking straight. He ran into the bathroom almost immediately for a shower and walked down the flight of stairs thereafter with a sweatshirt and a pair of fitted jeans ; he needed to see Tera urgently. The loud,high pitched laughter of a young female caused him to pause for a moment before walking into the dining room. He was most familiar with that lazy, seductive voice; it was Griselda’s.

” Good morning Master Mark! ” A maid greeted as she walked past him a tray of assorted desserts.

” Oh!!! ” He grumbled in a low voice as he heard his mother’s voice; it was too late to run back,he knew he had to make an appearance.

” My Dearest ! ” Griselda cried out with a teasing smile as she headed towards him with outstretched arms. She was clad in a leopard-printed jumpsuit which accentuated her slim figure,and it’s cleavage exposed her full bosoms. She looked like she belonged in a music video of some sort. He forced a kind smile as she held onto him,thus pressing her full bosoms against his chest.

” Nice to have you back,its been ages. ” She added as she loosened her grip on him,and stared at him like a predator salaciously admiring its prey.

” The feeling is mutual,dearie. I’ve missed you too….” He answered with a stifling expression.

” Well then… Mom& Dad,if you wouldn’t mind..we’d like to go upstairs. ”

” Why would we? You two are free to catch up.. There’s no law against that. ” Mrs Akinwale responded after sipping off her coffee mug.

” You’d better behave yourself. ” She warned her son in their native dialect as he trailed behind Griselda with a frown spread across his face.

She was reclining seductively against the wall when he walked in.

” My baby… ” She whispered and held her lips with his passionately . Griselda had missed him more than ever; none of the guys she had been with in Dublin had been able to cause her lust for Mark to dwindle; he was all she wanted and more.

” Terri.. ” He affirmed carelessly as her lips went up his nose.

” What?? Who could that be? One of those British bitches right? Is that why you called me only once in a blue moon? And to think I kept myself for you..for over nine years, I.. “. She lied.

” Its not what you think . ” He tried to soothe the sobbing lady.

” Why can’t you love me? Why should it be Terri? Who is she? Is she prettier than me? Or more curvaceous? What does she have that I lack? Please,tell me. ”

” Griselda ! You’re causing a scene..please don’t let my parents get down here. ” He pleaded and cleaned her tears with the back of his hands.

” Is it a terrier dog you’re in love with? ”

” I’m not in love with anyone. ”

” Of course you are; I could see it in your eyes,you know? But I thought it was all for me.. I have to take a nap now. But… you must fill me in on the details about this Terri when I wake up. That way,I’ll try to speak,dress,eat and speak like her. See ya in a bit ! ” She jumped onto his bed and draped herself with a duvet whilst Mark stared on in perplexity and cleaned her purple lipstick from his lips. He couldn’t believe he had mistaken Tera for Griselda and felt really stupid for calling out her name; he knew nothing could ever happen between them; Tera was too precious and valuable to him for that. Griselda’s attitude stunned him a bit,but he was glad she was more familiar with the name ” Mrs Klutzy ” than she was with Tera. He knew the only reason why she was at ease was because she thought ” Terri ” was a British girl in the UK.


” Where’s Tera? ” Her father asked Sisi the minute he walked into the living room. He had just returned from his trip,and was most eager to see his little angel.

” She’s in her room, Sir. Should I? ”

” That wouldn’t be necessary. Why don’t you go and freshen up for dinner whilst I go and get your sister. ” He addressed Christopher as he walked up the flight of stairs.

” Yeah? Come in. ” Tera responded to the knock on her door.

” OMG! Daddy!!!!!! ” She cried out and jumped. off her bed to give him a big hug. Tears of joy dropped down her eyes as she felt his warm arms around her. He seemed much more different to her; his complexion wasn’t as dark as it once was,and his intonation had changed for the better. She hadn’t seen him in over 6 months,and was most glad her trusted confidante was back. Tera’s eyes glistened for the first time in a long time; she was well aware that his arrival would do a lot to take her mind off of certain depressing issues which she’d rather not remember. Her mom was most delighted to see that her daughter had regained her appetite all of a sudden; Tera had barely eaten any meal since she had gotten back from school and this had prompted her to lose a lot of weight.

” I’m fine, Sir. But boys are…. ” Tera complained to her dad as they had a little tete a tete talk that night.

” Are what? What happened? Are you alright? ” The man asked with a hand placed firmly over her right cheek.

” I’m trying to be alright…but its not easy. ”

” Care to talk about it? I was told that you’ve been living like a zombie for the past couple of days. ”

” No,Dad. I’ll be just fine. I just decided to keep to myself. ”

” Why does that seem almost impossible for me to believe. You? Keep to yourself? Without Mark and these crazy female friends of yours? And South Korean Soap operas? ”

” Ah ah… I’m just trying to study and…. ”

” No,you’re not. I don’t know what might have transpired between you and that guy..whoever he is,but my daughter is a fighter. And…I know you’ll get through this,if only you choose to try. True love can’t afford to elude you,and you shouldn’t chase or worry about matters of the heart. You’re too awesome for that. ” His words caused tears to drop down her eyes once more,as she remembered Mark. She nodded her head in response as her father’s words sank in; she knew she had to move on,if not for her sake,then for her family’s.

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  1. Matters of the heart….hmmm!

    Thank God Tera’s dad and confidant is back. At least she will now get over Mark.

    Nice write….though the tale is taking long to end ni. This is 12 already….

  2. louis (@luwizdrizzy)

    This her tale is long ooo but I’m glad I started it the very hour you posted the first one….

    This is a perfect teenage love story….more akara to your bread @Elizah (I.e more grease to your elbow)

    Will follow this her tale to the end ooo

  3. Lol…thank you #Louis&.Chime I’ve got 3 more episodes,and one epilogue. Please sit back and enjoy the ride

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