The Dark Way To Heaven (chime221 Edit)

As edited by @chime221

There is a dimly lit narrow bush path
that leads to heaven; may it not lead me to hell!

There’s only one way in and one way out,

Hands clamped, focus set, determined eyes
on the journey of a thousand miles to sin,
Sin is only a nomenclature!

It’s your first time, but the path is not unfamiliar
You must guide me all the way.
I am blind but I can see that
the path is wet and slippery,
a virgin farmland and well fallowed.

I have corked my gun
And the liquid powder is ready to pour.
Ensure that I stay on the wet path,
Guide me slowly and gently
Through your dark alcove:
Mortals maternal birth point!

There’s a sweet bitter sensation
As I pass to and fro
and you hold me so close like the
grip of a seasoned wrestler.

Up and down it goes, my feet
Tilling and cultivating your farmland.
Your voice is delicious to my ears;
The louder you moan in sweet pain, the better
As the joy envelopes us and we await
the fruitage of our very own sweat.

15 thoughts on “The Dark Way To Heaven (chime221 Edit)” by KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

  1. JEEZ! DEEP!

    ‘The dark way to heaven’ that was once ‘the bright way to earth.’

  2. Kool. A modest and simple way of explaining the act.
    Though like Femi Kuti, I dey, wonder which heaven oh?

  3. Nice stuff…

  4. Good one. There’s a teeny mistake I spotted. I don’t think you ‘CORK’ a gun, instead you ‘COCK’ it…check it out..

    Thumbs up.

    1. @praize , you can ‘cork’ and or ‘uncork’ a gun before or after pulling the trigger. A corked gun is ready to shoot, while the uncorked one cannot shoot. I was expecting you to say that in the sense used above, ‘uncork’ is likely the most suitable. But then, ‘cork’ is used deliberately in the sense that the gun which is metaphoric of a manhood is unstopped or unrestricted and is ready to shoot or ejaculate.
      In the meantime, ‘cock’ is the male of domestic fowl or any other male bird.
      Cock can also mean a cone-shaped heap of animal food such as straw or hay.

      But ‘cork’ on the other hand is any material used as stopper or used to restrain something from pouring away mistakenly; such as you see in most wine bottles.
      Thanks for reading.

  5. kilmah (@kilmahhart)

    you captured nicely the sense of guilt and pleasure a man might feel while having sex for the first time.

  6. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    @kilmahhart Thank you.

    All credit to @chime221

  7. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    Both of you are correct and wrong at the same time.

    In my opinion,

    ‘Cork’ in contrast to a gun is wrong, but in context to ejaculation, it is correct.

    ‘Cock’ in contrast to a gun is correct, but in the context there is, it is wrong.


    Now, dnt take me serious.

    Please where is @ivie ?

  8. Descriptive and deep….and as my girlfriend said after reading it, ‘WICKED’!
    Lol… @acmesuccess007 , thanks for the credit bro.

  9. Have you visited your dictionary lately?
    ‘Cork’ is right both in the context of gun and ejaculation.

    If you have been to military training before or to the gunnery…what you’d usually hear is, “cock and shoot”

  10. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    Haba…I don’t have to be at the military to knw ‘cock and shoot’

    ..and I dnt need a dictionary to knw dt ‘cork and shoot’ is incorrect na.

  11. @chime221 You could check up your dictionary or use google. You don’t ‘cork’ a gun, it is wrong. YOU CAN ONLY COCK A GUN. You only ‘cork’ bottles…where cork means to seal bottles. Grammatically, when you cock a gun, you raise the ‘cock’ which is the lever to get the gun ready for fire.
    About ‘corking’ a gun, you could do a little research. It’s not in the dictionary, but it is a fairly used term and it is not what you think. It is a different context entirely. When you ‘cork’ a rifle, it is not getting it ready for fire. Hunters and gunners ‘cork’ a gun by putting a cork between the stock and the front barrels to increase the accuracy and stability of gun.
    I think that about does justice to it…
    Keep writing.

  12. i believe praize is right on this…u dont cork a gun…u cock it.

    A little research will educate you on this…thanks praize for the information.
    to everyone..we are here to learn and become better in fact criticisms and telling me what words are wrong on naijastories have made me better because I seem to get more from them than praises

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