Chronicles of a Single Lady

Its funny how people talk about their love life and I have a whole lot to say but then when it comes to me talking about mine, I just look lost because I really don’t know what to say about it. It doesn’t exist, yea, my love life doesn’t exist. Its not like I don’t have guys asking me out or something, its just me scared of letting the wrong guy in AGAIN. Emphasis on again; I have made mistakes when it comes to guys and I don’t wanna make more mistakes….Overtime, I have created the type of relationship that I want in my head i.e I meet this drop dead handsome young man, who is so loving and caring and then he asks me out; and I’ll say yes and the relationship begins; he would take me out on a real date (I have never been out on a date and I’m 23 *sigh), we’ll have our loveable days and also the days when we get to argue, then finally, he’ll one day get down on his knees and pop the question with a beautiful diamond ring, after which we’ll get married (talking about my dream wedding is another story entirely); but then life is not a bed of roses and we don’t always get what we want, I still think I deserve a chance to fall in love. 

The things that I think about tho, the other day I was thinking and I thought what if I never meet anyone that’s gonna make me feel loved, I should probably be a NUN then. Hence my decision to be a nun; I won’t forget the type of prayers my mother started praying immediately I told her about my plans (lool, twasn’t funny); then I sat down again and I started thinking, I wanna be a mum, you know, have my own kids; how exactly am I gonna do that as a nun, so I decided that I’ll probably be a single mother. Hence my decision to be a single mother *arrrrrrrrgggghhhh

I wanna one day meet a guy that’s gonna make me fall in love with him, a guy that’s gonna love me and do everything to make me happy; I wanna have stories to tell when it comes to talking about my love life, there’s just one but, I’M SCARED.   


8 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Single Lady” by Msbams (@Msbams)

  1. Hi darling, You could actually make this into something big. You just have to dig deep and pull out the stories…including the mistakes you mention and make them into an actual chronicle.

    Think about it! and keep writing!

  2. (@KyceeQ): yeah. Yu right bout dat.
    (@MSBAMS) Dnt allow this go to waste. You shud do something more with this.

  3. Girl don’t be scared, life is all about taking meaningful risk. Buh you just need to pray to your creator before taking the risk.

  4. Eer..this isn’t the time to start noting errors, so I’ll just skip that.
    You will finally get a man that loves you @msbams , that’s only IF you love them too. Many times we blame others for breaking our hearts, when really we are the architect of our own misfortunes. I’ve heard of a case where a guy’s spouse complained that the guy hardly tell her I LOVE YOU. The next day the guy came back to his lady and threw her a casette..”There, inside the casette, I’ve recorded I LOVE YOU..I LOVE YOU…I LOVE YOU…I LOVE YOU…! You want to hear it?? PLAY IT!”

    @msbams Next time your knight in shining armor comes, make sure you are patient enough and don’t chase him away. Cos, who knows, it just might be me.

    Keep writing.

    1. Thanks @kyceeQ & @thaprince I’m working on it
      Thanks @abdulquadri11
      Loool, thanks @praize…you know what they say, never say never

  5. I concur with @praize (cant stop smiling at your last sentence #Efitbeyouo!) @msbams you know, love has to be reciprocal. You’ll definitely find the one who truly loves you but note, you may not get all you want in him 100% sure.

  6. Good story…..wish you the best as a single mother :)

    1. Please don’t…

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