Whistle of Death: Scream of a Thousand Corpses- Episode 1

I don’t know what happened. I don’t know how it happened. I don’t even know when it happened, and my God!, I swear I am so afraid it happened. THEY ARE ALL DEAD! ALL OF THEM!! But how?

Oh God! Please wake me from this nightmare. Just give my body a tap and I know I will awake from this dream. But no, this is not a nightmare. This is not a dream. This is real. This is freaking real. I am freaking out. Rex has already passed out. Wake me up somebody! Please!!!

Rex and I had left our camp for a little adventure. It was our NYSC program and we had both been posted to this forgotten,  seemingly God-forsaken village in Enugu.

The land was masculine, with hills and valleys rolling and folding all over the landscape like the six-packs of a body builder. The terrain was rough. Thick bushes embraced the land on many sides in the far distance. It looked like civilization had abandoned this place. Being here felt like being in the Bible times of Abraham. No Mobile network, no tarred road, no nothing! There were valleys everywhere and they steeped gently. It was like a deserted land, but it had locals.

Once in a while, we would follow different missionary groups to go ‘preach the gospel’ to the locals, especially in communities that had never seen the light of civilisation.

But Rex and I had other ideas. Our interest wasn’t to preach any gospel. No. We only wanted to go see mother nature in her rawest form, to feed our eyes on the bare breasts of the women in those communities, as they didn’t wear any clothes. They could only manage leaves- and for daughters of wealthy chiefs, animal skin- around their waists. This was our third time here and it looked like it was going to be our last, forever!

Rex and I chose to stay back with the locals this time as the rest of the ‘fellowship crew’ drove back to our base. It was a two-hour journey through the hills, valleys and plains. The crew was sure to come back in two days time for more missionary work, so we decided to spend the time out with the people.

We ate with them, sat with them, and observed, with keen interest, their cultures, but our main interest was their young women. Their breasts were elegant, succulent and pointy. Different sizes, different shapes. Different orientations and colours of nipples. We just wanted a taste.

Night came and Rex had already made friends with one Nguzi. She was as alluring as a dream and as arresting as an imagination. Words couldn’t describe her. Her hips were shapely and her eyes were sparkling. She had lips that were just almost perfectly round and bound by a vermilion border that rose and fell like mountains. Her breast! Magnificent and stood like the Zuma rock.

It was cultural for the community chiefs to assign maidens to visitors whom they deemed to be bearers of good will (The missionaries were working to stop this). According to them, their spirits took special favour in us. We were welcome. Rex got Nguzi, at his request, I got Nyenwa. It was going to be a night of bliss and astral interactions!


10:33 pm.

With our maidens, we walked into the huts that were prepared for us.

Nyenwa led me by the hand into our own hut. To enter in, we had to bend so low till our knees almost touched the ground, to avoid being hurt by the rafia roof that sagged helplessly. The floor of the hut was of clay, neatly scrubbed. To the left side, in the room, stood a tall stick. On it was hung a small calabash with a red rope tied around its neck. I became troubled at the sight of it.  I lost my appetite and drive. All of a sudden, the breasts did not appeal to me anymore. I didn’t want Nyenwa. No! I didn’t want sex in a strange land with a strange woman. But she insisted, warning against the wrath of the gods. She didn’t speak English. She spoke something that sounded like an Asian speaking igbo. I could only pick out a few words.

I stood up to walk out of the hut but she came hard after me, pulled me by the hand and we both fell on the cold clay floor. She was stark naked, I was scared. She whispered something that sounded like a warning to my ear not to defy the gods. I was defeated. Then it started.

4 thoughts on “Whistle of Death: Scream of a Thousand Corpses- Episode 1” by Stanley Esdee David (@stanfuto)

  1. This is gripping! I’m scared too.
    I’m impressed by the clean job and nice editing.
    I’m pressing Next =>> immediately…. I won’t be so patient with you @stanfuto

    1. Thank you @chime221, I am equally as scared as you are.

      Thank you for the compliment. I take the pains to edit and re-edit my works before posting. Bad ‘typo’ can ruin a great story. Plus, I don’t want to irritate my readers with a carelessly or haphazardly done job.

      The story is unfolding. We will soon know what actually happened ‘cos, me sef I don’t know oo. lol

      Thanks bro

  2. I’m following you…

  3. Beautiful…I trudge along too.

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