Wattys 2015

So after waiting since last year up until now, it’s finally LIVE!!-and I’m heartbroken. It’s the Wattys 2015 which I’ve kinda been anticipating and all but just incase you’re not sure, I’d do a bit of breifing.

Wattpad is a site, just like Naijastories. One impressive thing about them is that in my opinion, they’re a MAJOR substitute to bookstores like Amazon. How? Well, EVERY STORY THERE IS FREE TO READ; I’m talking full length novels, updated over time, with loads and loads of reader engagement. It’s really cool watching noobs and ‘real life authors’ adhere to what their readers want as well as “take corrections” without much complaints(I met a guy though who didn’t want any negative reviews).

Long story short, the Wattys Award is as prestigious as the Orange awards, at least for a striving author like me. I just thought I’d tell the ‘amazing’ guys here on Naijastories about it, perhaps you just might want to enroll.

While I’m still contemplating about joining in, ( because I’m not a SN addict, especially Twitter which would serve as a means of promoting my work) Baba Kel has already shown interest.

All genre’s can fit in so the only thing you should be scared of is having your heart broken when a piece you’ve spent days working on is not getting all the recognition you expect.

Ugo-Peter(@achilles)-author of Liberation, Wattys 2014 winner

Need extra information? Well hear from the horse’s mouth yourself.



6 thoughts on “Wattys 2015” by Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

  1. I’ve found it hard registering on Wattpad and I wonder what I’m doing wrong.


    1. @Theo , now that’s quite surprising because Wattpad’s landing page is it’s SIGN-UP page.

  2. how can I post a story on the site

    1. After opening an account, look for the ‘create’ button on the top bar above…that should take you to your editing page. @Easylife32

  3. That’s great….still on still, NS rocks! I may consider Wattys later anyways….

  4. Really NS rocks still on still. I may also consider Wattpad too….

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