The smell of death
The hell below the earth.
The fell that is felt.
The hope that seems to melt
The sight of darkness.
The beginning of fear and sadness.

They rise not at dusk.
At dawn they erect their kiosk.
Sinking their fangs, increasing mortality.
Their venom, posterity; has not immunity.
Turning the incorruptible into the corrupt.
Behind their crowns they sit, and wretchedness they errupt.

Blood suckers they are; blood suckers not only what they are.
Dream killers; theu capture stars.
Like the sin of Ogun, they kept him behind bars.
His resolve they were unable to break.
In the middleof his tea, the poison was the stake.

Sickenend minds, reprobate souls.
Pit sunken deep, their watchword and goals,
Destroying the essence of redemption with blows.
No coffin, no engravements on their graves; graves not, just holes.

The sun has sunk, the earth has lost its potency.
Its potency to regenerate with urgency.
The barrack refuses to show clemency
I know, that was then, but its all in the minds of posterity.

How could He say,”They knew not what they were doing”.
When away from killing, they thought not of fleeing.
How long is it before we join in their parade,
And wear mask with shades like masquerades.

No sword cheating
Their Uzi’s; slugs shower like teardrops.
Draping souls cloaks of blood.
Good at making failed promises.
Promises of everlasting immortality.
At a cost of losing our souls and morality

Tears flood at their presence
The clouds hover and showers down blood with menace.
Head placed on prepared pikes.
The stench of burnt flesh; not one of their dislikes.

The gavel, their toy and puppet
The court, their plsyhouse with prop set
The wig, their loyal, loyal pet
Hmmmm…..Look beyond the cross and the sunset

Vampires that, immune to the cross of justice
How long is it, before they reap us all of our resolve and promise

They are dream killers.They destroy and capture stars,
Like one of Ogun sons, they kept him behind the bars
His resolve they were unable to break.
In the middle of his tea, the ‘Bane’ was his ache.

The sanctuary now their haven.
They hope their sins will be deaden.
When they seek prominence and
They remember and run to the vicars.
The anointing they grave and receive.
But they end up being good at being thieves and deceive.

Knights, make of us all, so that their souls can be redeemd.
Make of us, matyrs, if thats what it takes.
Don’t know if May 29 brought us a new beginning and a saviour.
Don’t know, if we will all go into economic craze and labour.
Don’t know if they will be lords over our tolerance and perseverance.
Refuse the cups of grains and ‘benjamins’, and speak with candour

2 thoughts on “Vampires” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. Who are really the vampires?
    They are not the ones you watch in Hollywood movies….they are out politicians! Sucking the blood of the country to feed their fat tummy…beware.

    Nice one @thaprince

  2. (@Chime221): Am glas that you got the message. Thanks man.

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